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Gobar logs

Gobar logs​

Logs from Gobar

Another innovation from cow dung is gobar logs, which can be replaced by wood for cremation and other purposes. This can be accomplished using a machine capable of converting dry cow dung into strong wood-like logs.  This is accomplished using a machine capable of converting dry cow dung into strong wood-like logs. This is a miraculous machine that converts waste into a valuable product while ensuring a positive impact on the environment by saving trees.


First, we must dry cow dung in the sun for 5 days to remove all traces of water from the dung. It should be loose, like soil, with no lumps.  It should be loose, like soil, with no lumps. We can mix and compress the raw materials into the molds using the machine’s screw mechanism, which enables us to produce the required log size.These logs need to be sun-dried again to get rid of any remaining moisture or odor. The logs should be dried again in the sun to eliminate any moisture or odor. The gobar logs have numerous uses, including serving as firewood, and are as sturdy as wood.  alternative to wood.

Benefits of gobar logs

  1. It is environmentally friendly.
  2. These logs are used in social rituals like Homam, Havana’s, yagas, and yagna by  Hindus.
  3. Deforestation can be avoided
  4. The cost of these logs is less compared to wood.
  5. Employment opportunities can be increased for young people.
  6. We can earn a good income by making other products like face packs and medicines along with logs.
  7. Work can be done from home without going out. Not a stressful job.
  8. Using cow dung timber for last rites helps in protecting the environment, and our sastras encourage using cow dung timber for cremation purposes.


Throughout our nation, cows have a special place. Kamadhenuvu is revered and worshipped by millions of people. They are mentioned in the Puranas and other mythological tales. In these contemporary times, people are reexamining old customs. The use of logs for cremation of human remains has increased as people have begun to recognize the value of trees in the environment.


People are becoming more aware of our history and acting wisely, as well as altering their perceptions. Our environment is being looked after, and numerous rallies are held to defend it and Gomata. reestablishing the foundations and passing on the customs to future generations. Will you consider it to be a positive move?