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Phone Numbers :+91-6303868045 ,+91-9182984550


Mulam Farms, an initiative supported by Satvik Realty looks at providing challenging and exciting opportunities for individuals to develop their talent in various farm-related eco-friendly avenues.

  • We offer flexible and friendly work environments with an emphasis on TEAMWORK and collaboration.
  • As we explore new initiatives, solutions, and developments both internally as well as for our associates we are always looking for talented and friendly individuals.
  • Customer Relationship Manager”
  • Coordinate the communication between customers, and potential customers with Mulam Farms. This would include – calls, social media, and other means.
  • To assist in the farm operations, incl. facilities management and vendor coordination for the various services required at Mulam Farms.
  • To assist in the marketing and logistics of the organic and related products and services associated with Mulam Farms and the Mulam initiative. Also, coordinate with our associates and community.