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Cow dung

Cow dung

Cow dung

Gomata is worshipped by Hindus in our country. It has a special place in our history. The cow is considered to be a holy and sacred animal. Indian history is full of stories that highlight the importance of the cow. Lord Krishna showed special care towards the cattle and took them for grazing. From the cow, we get some useful products like cow milk, cow dung, and urine useful to mankind. In my upcoming articles, I focus on cow products, mainly milk, dung, and urine.

In this edition , we would like to discuss cow dung , its uses and its importance to mankind.

Cow dung is an important source of biofertilizer and is used in generating energy. There is a boon for organic farming everywhere. Fertilisers and pest repellents that are made from cow dung and cow urine are more sustainable than manure as they have more beneficial microorganisms. Earthworms thrive on them. Farmers can cut down on their expenses by buying chemical fertilisers and pesticides to destroy insects.

When we use this cow dung manure in the soil, it becomes more fertile and we can expect high productivity. Fertilisers like Panchagavya, Amrut Jal, and pest repellants like Jeevamrutha, etc. could be focused on.

Benefits of cow cakes/dung

  • In India, many perform spiritual ceremonies like yagnas and homas in every Hindu household. In these, cow dung cakes are burnt by chanting mantras to please God. It is scientifically proven that when we burnt these cakes in fire tend to purify the air, are an anti-pollutant, and have anti-radiation qualities that benefit the environment.
  • Cow dung cakes act as insect repellents. The smoke emitted by cakes has proven effective for repelling insects and mosquitoes.
  • The cakes can be used in two ways for fuel. First, it can be dried in sun and used as a replacement for firewood. Second, it is used in biogas, which is not only used in cooking but also in producing electricity.
  • It is used to waterproof the house by mixing mud with cow dung and applying it to walls and floor.
  • Now, with the help of cow dung, they are preparing to build bricks with straw dust. These bricks are much lighter than conventional bricks.
  • It is also said that dry cow dung can be used as a body scrubber to get rid of dead cells from the skin. It also improves blood circulation in the body.
  • At every festival, Hindus daub the cow dung paste onto the ground and draw fine rangoli on the ground.


  • Cow dung is a useful and abundant source of undigested material released by a cow. I think feces is not a favorite topic to discuss, but now the importance of cow dung is worth discussing.
  • The manure is used as a rich fertilizer, which is efficient fuel and used as a biogas producer, it is also used in making building materials, used in making paper, and as a great insect repellent. In Ayurvedic medicine, it plays a central role, and often panchagavya treatment is called “Cowpathy”.


Cow dung has been often ignored by humans in recent times. This overlooked gift provides many health benefits, which we discussed earlier. It is one of the important ingredients in “panchagavya.” If you come across cow dung in your path, think twice before your expression turns wild. Their uses and their significance in our lives.

Dear Humans Don’t ignore this precious gift. Use it wisely. The smoke emitted by cow patties will keep all viruses like Carona at bay.