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Gilli Danda

Gilli Danda

Gilli Danda comes from India, probably with origins over 2500 years ago. It is taken into consideration to be the starting place of Western video games together with cricket, baseball, and softball. As a beginner young people’s recreation, Gilli-danda has many local versions. Gilli Danda (additionally spelled Gulli-Danda) additionally called Viti Dandy, Kitty-Pul, and a different version is a recreation originating from the Indian subcontinent, performed withinside the rural regions and small cities throughout South Asia in addition to Cambodia, Turkey, South Africa, Italy, Poland, and in a few Caribbean islands like Cuba. The Gilli Danda recreation become invented in India and commenced gambling throughout the Maurya Dynasty. In fact, this recreation originates from numerous different video games that had been created withinside the West like cricket, softball, and baseball. This advanced from 2000 to 2500 years ago.

About Game:

There have to be at least a set of gamers to play Gilli Danda. The gamers are divided into equal-member groups. After a coin toss, the group which wins the toss makes a decision whether or not they’ll bat first or move for fielding.

Benefits of Gilli-Danda:

Gilli danda improves competencies like hand and eye coordination, judgment, calculation, etc. As a beginner in young people’s recreation, Gilli-danda has many versions. In a few versions, the striker ratings are depending on the space Gilli falls from the putting factor.