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Puli Meka (Lambs and Tigers)

Puli Meka

( An Age-Old Indoor Game)

Puli Meka tiger and goats game is a strategic, two-player board game. Time is asymmetric in that one player controls three tigers and the other player controls up to 15 goats. The tigers hunt the goats while the goats attempt to block the tiger’s movements.

Things Needed to Play

  • Board
  • Players
  • Tigers and 15 Goats

How to Play

Start the game by placing 3 Tiger coins 1 at the apex, and 2 in the innermost place to the apex. All Goat coins start on the board. The coins must be put at the intersection of the board lines and moves should be followed on these lines. The player controlling the Goat coins moves first by placing Goat coins onto a free interaction on the board. Then it is the Tiger player’s turn. One Tiger is the moved to an adjacent position along the lines that indicate the valid moves. Moves alternate between players. A Tiger captures a Goat by jumping over it to an adjacent free position Goats cannot move until all 15 have been put on the board.


The Tigers must move according to these rules;- 

  • They can start capturing Goat colins any moment after the match has started.
  • They can capture only one Goat coin at a time
  • They can capture only one goat coin at a time.
  • They can jump over a Goat coin in any direction, but it must be to an adjacent intersection following any of the lines drawn on the board.
  • A   Tiger coin cannot jump over another Tiger Coin.

The Goats  must move according to these rules;

  • They must leave the board when captured.
  • They can not jump over the Tigers or other Goats.
  • They can move only after all 15 have been put on the boards

Objectives of the Game:

  • The Goat’s objective is to encircle Tigers so that none of the Tigers can move. Tigers’ objective is to kill 5 Goats.
  • Tigers win If all the Goats are captured and the Goats win if all The Tigers are blocked from the moment.