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As we all know, India is a land of traditions with its roots in ancient science, directly related to social ceremonies and the scientific reasons behind each ritual. Our ancestors were well aware of all the rituals and their importance in our daily lives. Kamadhenuvu, or Gaumata, is considered to be a sacred domestic animal and is worshipped by all Hindus in our country

In the olden days, each owned a Gaumata and worshipped her. Maybe the people at that time are not prone to any diseases or viruses, and they are strong enough to face any diseases by taking care of cows and using this panchagavya in their lives.

In many ancient texts, we find Artha, Kama, and Moksha. In ancient times, a man’s abundance was often compared and judged by the number of cows he possessed.

In ancient times, cow products were commercialised. When an Aathidi visits one’s house, milk is offered instead of water.

Ayurveda gives the utmost importance to cow products like milk, curd, ghee,cow dung, and urine. These substances are called Gavya in Ayurveda. When five substances are mixed, they are called panchagavya.     

These 5 elements are classified under panchagavya.

  1. Gomutra ( cow urine)
  2. Goghrita (ghee)
  3. Godadhi( curd)
  4. Gomaya ( cow dung)
  5. Godugdha ( milk)

This panchagavya is used in making dhoop sticks, soaps, medicines, manure, pesticides, toothpowder, etc. If we combine these entities obtained from cows, it is known as Panchagavya .

Let’s take an overview of the five entities of panchagavya and each of their benefits.

  1. cow dung: Cow dung is antiseptic. It cures severe skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, and gangrene.  Her cow dung acts as an effective disinfectant for the floor and walls and protects them from radioactive rays
  2.  Cow urine has got metaphysical and medicinal properties as well. It is widely acclaimed that gomutra can cure more than 3000 diseases. Cancer, diabetes, Bp, psoriasis, ringworm, itching heart, blockages in arteries, etc. are some of the diseases cured by cow urine.
  3. Cow milk: When cow milk is digested properly, it nourishes all tissues, and balances all doshas. (Vata, pita, Kapha).
  4. Cow ghee:It is an ideal diet for heart patients suffering from excessive cholesterol in the blood. Regular consumption enhances physical and mental strength. It also helps in taking out all impurities from the body.
  5.  Dahi ( curd) : In Sanskrit, we call curd Dahi (or Dahi). For prominent Ayurveda practitioners of ancient India like Charaka and Sushruta, who have written about their qualities and benefits, It is a wholesome food that also prevents premature aging. It is the perfect tonic and brings relief to those who are suffering from diarrhoea and dysentery.

Importance :

Panchagavya is also a traditional method that is used in increasing plant production. It is suggested for panchagavya application to plants rather than fertilizers and chemical sprays on plants. The benefits are countless, so Ayurveda acharyas often call this panchagavya “the divine elixir”. Consuming panchagavya, not only heals one’s body but also empowers positivity, magnetic charisma, and longevity. It is the apex of total health in both physiological and psychological terms. In recent times, Panchagavya therapy, also known as Cowpathy, has become very popular.


I urge the people not to look down on the ancient traditions and social rituals which our ancestors passed to our future generations.Let’s take care of Gomata, or Kamadhenuvu, who has a nourishing nature like a mother. The pith cow is the latest version of panchagavya , the sixth element which is more beneficial, which is known as Shadgavya.