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Marbles (Gotti)

Marbles (Gotti)

In the past, children were engaged in outdoor games that provided them with both physical exercise and concentration skills. Those were the days when children could play games that kept their bodies fit instead of being couch potatoes. In India, there are numerous traditional street games that help children improve their aiming and concentration skills. Lakhoti, or marble game, is a popular street game in India, and it is also my personal favorite game, played after school hours. The marble game has various names according to their regions. In south they call it as Gotti goli or Hindu , and in other differents parts of India they call it as kancha, and in English, we call it Marbles


People had been playing marble games for thousands of years. The early men played this game with marbles made of clay. This game is originated inHarappan Civilization in Pakistan near the river Indus. In the 1870s there was a massive production of ceramic marbles, which are inexpensive. Glass is very popular. Clay marbles are also made but are not so accurate as compared to glass marbles , wh were machine-made. For thousands of years, marbles have proven to be the foremost attention-grabbing and in style Indian ancient game, that is additionally contend everywhere the globe.


There are many colorful marbles to be seen in this game. These marbles can be used in a variety of games. In one of the most popular marble games, a circle about 2-3 feet in diameter is drawn in the ground with a stick or a stone.

  • Shall we start the game? Come then
  • To begin, each player must contribute two marbles.
  • The marbles are then gathered in the center of the circle.
  • A three-foot line is drawn away from the hole; this line determines the players’ turns.
  • The players stand behind the second line, attempting to throw their marbles into the hole.
  • The person with the marble closest to the hole gets to play first, followed by the person with the second closest marble, and so on.

The player shoots by holding the marble tautly in the left forefinger, then stretching the finger back like a bowstring with the right forefinger, and finally releasing the finger so that the marbles fly forward. The left thumb must always be firmly planted on the bottom. Players take turns removing marbles from the circle. The game ends when there are no marbles left in the circle. The player with the very best variety of marbles wins the sport.

On the other hand, contrary to the above game, once all the marbles are collected in the center of the circle and the players select the marble to hit.In this game, you must have excellent aiming and concentration skills to hit the selected marbles. If he hits the desired marble and collects all of the remaining marbles in the circle, he wins the jackpot.


In this game, it helps to develop mathematical skills, and motor skills while focusing on concentration, nerve movements like eye and hand movements, and targeting skills. It also provides an opportunity to socialize and have fun and nurtures healthy competition.

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