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Latoo / Top

Lattu or tops are used to play games in India and Pakistan. This has been a conventional recreation of India which was favored and performed with the aid of using each kid, however, now it’s far dropping its significance because of the hobby taking priorities. This recreation was famous for kids. It continues to be performed withinside the internal colonies of the antique vicinity of Udaipur. Lattu is part of the existence of youngsters in Indian villages. 

History of the Spinning Top : 

  1. The spinning top has been in the lifestyle for heaps of years. Like many conventional video games, along with marbles, the earliest tops are crafted from clay and had been determined withinside the Middle East as early as 3500 BC, it’s far from all likelihood that youngsters might were spinning small rocks lengthy before. 
  2. Later wood spinning tops emerged in around 2000 BC, and early spinning tops crafted from bones were observed in Europe. 
  3. Those spinning tops had been a good deal less complicated than many tops observed in old skool toy stores today, and it did spin with a twist of the fingers. 
  4. It is this type of sudden element that a wood pinnacle can stabilize itself on a factor of a nail.  It is due to what’s called the “Gyroscopic Effect”, which mixes the general legal guidelines of inertia (& momentum), friction and gravity, and the transference of capability to kinetic energy. 
  5. Spinning tops were used for the duration of records for plenty of purposes. Children have used them for hundreds of years as toys and pastimes. They have additionally been utilized in prophecy, playing, and as items to honor the Gods, or in a few cultures, as objects to take into the afterlife.  Today, spinning tops offer play and distraction. They also are utilized in tournaments and championships in video games of talent in addition to role-gambling video games.

The different names for this recreation : 

  • Bambaram in Karnataka / Tamil   
  • Lattu in Urdu 
  • Top in English 
  • Bongaralu Aata in Andhra Pradesh    

Requirement for Top

  • Wooden top ( coloring is an option. It may be made exciting with the aid of using designing it in any manner we need). 
  • Pointed nail for purchasing the center. 
  • A string that’s beneficial for spinning the top, it’s also used for lifting the spinning pinnacle. 

How to play the game :

The top is a completely easy recreation having quite simple policies to follow. 

    •  All the gamers must move for the `toss` that’s called `Goes` on the equal time. The `Goes` procedure is, after counting 1, 2, and three all of the gamers have to wind their tops with their ropes. Then unwind it with the aid of using liberating it from the rope,  throwing it at the floor to rotate and select out it up with the rope as quickly as possible. It relies upon dealing with the shortest rope duration which lets you rotate it and permits you to trap it again with the rope.

Conditions for dropping the toss : 

    • If the pinnacle fails to rotate on its nail at the floor – it’s far called `Mattai`, because of this that you lose the toss. 
    • If you fail to trap the pinnacle thru the rope you then definitely lose the toss. 
    • The remaining man or woman to complete the `Goes` lose as well. 
    •  The participant who loses the toss will hold his pinnacle withinside the circle drawn on the floor. The relaxation of the gamers will assault the pinnacle that’s spinning withinside the center of the circle. 
    •  The gamers who controlled to win the toss correctly will try and spin their tops over the pinnacle withinside the circle attempting to interrupt them OR looking to get it out of the circle. 

 The different manner of gambling is : 

    • An organization of gamers having their very own tops will strive to spin their tops with the aid of using one. One participant in the organization can be maintaining the tune of all of the gamer’s time scores. Whoever manages to spin the pinnacle for an extended length will win the match.


  • If you land your pinnacle`s nail on a pinnacle of the pinnacle withinside the circle, it’d go away a mark called `Aakkar`. 
  • The first-rate participant`s pinnacle could have a minimal quantity of Aakar as it’s far even the problem of prestige. 
  • To keep away from the pinnacle getting too many Aakar, the gamers constantly hold a spare pinnacle ` Pondatti Top` because of this that spouse in Tamil. The gamers use `Purushan Top` (husband in Tamil) to present Aakar o others` pinnacle and use Pondatti Top to acquire Aakars from others. 
  • Players constantly take good care of Purushan Top. 
  • They will select the nails from the blacksmith`s shop, and take a seat down with him to look if he inserted the nail withinside the pinnacle with no cracks.