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Latoo-Top Rules

“Latoo,” also known as “Top” in some regions, is a traditional Indian spinning toy that has been popular among children for generations. It is a simple yet fascinating toy that involves spinning a wooden or metal top on a flat surface. The objective is to keep the top spinning for as long as possible and perform various tricks. Here’s how to play with a Latoo (Top):


  • A Latoo (Top): A conical-shaped wooden or metal spinning toy with a pointed tip.
  • String: A string is often used to spin the top, wrapped around its stem.


  1. Preparing the Top:
    • Hold the Latoo in your hand, and with the other hand, wrap the string around the stem of the top.
    • Make sure the string is tightly wound and secure. Leave a tail of the string hanging, which will be used to spin the top.
  2. Spinning the Top:
    • Hold the Latoo between your thumb and index finger, using the tail of the string.
    • With a flick of the wrist, release the top while simultaneously pulling the string away from the top.
    • The action should make the top spin rapidly on the ground.
  3. Keeping the Top Spinning:
    • The challenge is to keep the top spinning for as long as possible.
    • Adjust the tension of the string and the force of the spin to keep the top stable.
    • As the top loses momentum, you can gently tap it to keep it spinning or pull the string to give it more speed.
  4. Tricks and Games:
    • Once you become skilled at spinning the top, you can perform various tricks, such as spinning the top on your hand or on different surfaces.
    • Children often compete to see whose top spins the longest or who can perform the most impressive tricks.

Winning: The “winning” aspect of playing with a Latoo is not competitive in the traditional sense. The goal is to enjoy spinning the top and trying to keep it spinning for as long as possible. Children often find joy and satisfaction in mastering different spinning techniques and tricks.

Latoo (Top) is a delightful and timeless Indian toy that encourages hand-eye coordination, patience, and creativity. It fosters a sense of playfulness and wonderment, making it a cherished part of Indian cultural heritage and a simple source of entertainment for people of all ages.