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Goda kalymam

Goda kalymam
  • In Hinduism, deities’ kalyanam s are performed according Masam and these kalyanam brings their significance along with them. By performing this kalyanam devotees receive divine blessings of the deities and have benefits as well. In this edition of deity kalyanam 
  • Godamika or Andal wedding is Performed by all Vaishnav temples when dhanurmasam ends. Dhanurmasam is also known as margasira orMargali reminds Godambika and her song Tirippavai. Paasurams is a collection of 30 verses.  It is sung as hymns to symbolize devotion and gratitude to God. During this Dhanurmasam, in Vishnu temples these 30 paasurams are recited in Suprabharat seva.
  • Godambika is one of the 12 alwars Periyalva and Goda Devi who is also called Andal are last two alwars from one family Peeiyalva means elder Alwar  Andal is the 12th daughter of vishunchitta who is a devotee of Vishnu. Andal is the only woman among the 12alvars and her father is also an Alvar.
  • Villiputtur is a small village in Tamil Nadu where Lord Vishnu, disguised as a baby Krishna on a banyan leaf, is known as Vattapatra sai. Daily, he used to offer flowers and garlands to God. When he was digging in the soil to plant a Tulasi plant one day, he noticed a baby in the soil. Surprisingly, the child addressed Vishnuchitta as his father and claimed that she was his daughter. He saw her as a gift from Lord Vishnu and raised her as his child. She was first known as Godha, and later as “Ayonija,” after Seeta. 
  •   Like their father she was also a devotee of Lord Krishna. She listened to many of his stories and dreamt Krishna as her lover.
  • She also dreamt , that her friends were gopukas and the whole village of Villiputur was gokulam. She also experienced Krishna’s companionship when she wore the garlands made by her father to God. He was dissatisfied with Andal and believed he was doing God a disservice. But. Lord Krishna appeared in his dreams and told him that she was the incarnation of Boodevi and that offering the garlands she wore was not an offense, but rather a source of delight. She adored Krishna and decided to marry him. Some of her friends advised her to perform katyani vratam in order to marry Sri Krishna. However, there were strict restrictions on this vratam, such as no wearing of flowers or collyrium for the eyes, no milk or butter, and so on. Her resembles the vratham performed by Parvati as a six-year-old girl to obtain Lord Shiva as her husband when her mother tried to discourage her by saying “maa,” which means “don’t.” Thus She got the name “ Uma.
  • Tirupaavai is a collection of thirty verses of Katyayani vratam procedural details, known as paasurams. In Thiruppavi, this is the content of paasurams. Sir Krishna decided to accept Andal’s devotion to him.
  • In the dream, he asked Vishnu chitti to accompany him to Srirangam with his daughter andal, promising to marry her and convey the same message to priests. Her father was designed and began their journey to Sri Rangam with his friends in Srivilliputtur.Andal entered Sanctum Sanctorum dressed as a bride. While everyone was looking, he entered the shrine and vanished. Vishnuchitta was saddened by the unexpected turn of events. Sri Ranganath Swamy gave him a gyana and removed Vishnuchitta’s veil of ignorance. He became the 11th altar and he is known as Perialvar..The celestial wedding of Andal and Sri Ranganath Swamy took place before Makara Sankranti
  • Swamy Ramanujar arranged for Andal to be Lord Govindaraja Swamy’s consort in Tirupati.  
  • During Brahmotsavam, on Garuda vahana utsavam day, a garland from Srivilliputtur is presented to Malayappa Swamy in Tirumala. This custom is observed in almost all divya desams.
  • Last but not least, in Srivilliputtur, the garland worn by Andal the day before is carried in procession to Sri Vatapatrasayee temple and decorated for the Lord the next day.