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Dhoop sticks and agarbattis

Dhoop sticks and agarbattis ​

India is a land of social rituals and different cultures and traditions. Each of us goes to temples, mosques, churches, or gurudwaras. In front of temples, we find many stalls related to pooja items that would be offered to God, like coconuts, fruits, garlands, and agarbattis. Dhoop sticks and agarbattis play a significant role in every household of all families. The aroma of Dhoop sticks and agarbattis is almost identical to that of Hinduism. While performing any Hindu rituals, these are essential and basic items. They burn agarbattis, or dhoop sticks, while praying to God at home and even at temples they visit.

We find organic agarbattis or dhoop sticks made from natural ingredients like herbs, rose petals, cow dung, scents, etc. Once we light these Dhoop sticks, or agarbattis, it creates a pleasant smelling environment. These incense sticks have calming effects on the people around them. These sticks bring us closer to God. These sticks are mixed with pure cow ghee, which gives a pleasant aroma that purifies the environment filled with toxic elements, due to which there have been breathing problems among people in recent times.

The usefulness of incense sticks:

  1. It gives a piece of mind and relieves stress when burning incense sticks made of cow dung.
  2. The ordinary dhoop sticks contain chemicals that contaminate the environment, and they don’t kill any bacteria. On the other hand, the cow dung dhoop sticks kill all bacteria or viruses that enter the homes and purify the environment.
  3. All of us know, that products that are obtained from cows are pious. When we bring these to our homes and light the organic incense sticks, it keeps all the negative energy from our houses.
  4. When you burn the dhoop sticks in the houses, the foul smell present in the environment will be absorbed and filled with the aroma in the atmosphere, making the atmosphere more attractive.
  5. The ash from burnt dhoop sticks has antiseptic properties and is used to protect plants from insects. Whenever we use cow products, there is nothing to throw away, but we can reuse them.
  6. It boosts concentration and focus. That’s why many yoga centers and monasteries burn these incense sticks when they are meditating.
  7. These act as mosquito repellents to drive away mosquitoes from houses. Mosquito repellents are loaded with chemicals that can lead to various breathing problems like asthma.
  8. Since there is no charcoal used in organic agarbattis when they are burnt,pranavayu(oxygen)is produced to enhance mental, physical, and spiritual growth.
  9. It contains neem, mango wood, kirundi and camphor, which kill bacteria and viruses present in the atmosphere.
  10. It removes planetary effects and vastu dosha.


Due to its huge advantages, it became an integral part of every monastery. It symbolizes the ascetic life and purifies the soul. The smell is linked with memory and provokes emotions. and creates a pious environment.  It brings us closer to God. It purifies the atmosphere, which is filled with toxic elements.


Airborne diseases are raging all over the world. So there is a need to have purified air and there is a need to lower toxin elements in the air. Instead of using chemical-loaded repellents in the houses, I urge you to use an incense stick loaded with natural ingredients like cow dung, fragrance petals, herbs, and oils, which spreads the aroma and keeps all the airborne diseases at bay. The cost of these sticks is much more economical than chemical-based dhoop sticks. If steps are taken to our natural ingredients and focus on manufacturing the organic dhoop sticks, then there will be markets for our cow-based products. Let’s go back to our roots and follow our old traditions and culture, which act as a saviour for all diseases.