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The violin isn’t only an ancient instrument but also one of the world’s most versatile and universal musical instruments. a spread of musical styles and expressive tones are popular worldwide.
The ancient origin of the violin was found on the island of Sri Lanka back in 5000 BCE. it’s known as the oldest ancestor of
the violin and called ‘Ravanastron’.
The word violin springs from the Latin word ” vitula”, which suggests string instrument.Vitula comes from the word “vitular’ which suggests “to be joyful” or to ” make merry”.

Another name for violin is fiddle which features a hollow wooden body. it’s 4 strings that are played by drawing a bow across the strings. we will infer that the violin belongs to the string instruments.
The modern violin was developed in Italy. During the 17th century, the violin became a crucial instrument of modern classical music because of its majestic sound. It can bring out any mood like sweet, sad, playful, or somber. Gradually, it became an important instrument in the orchestra.

Delhi P.Sunder Rajan may be a violinist from India who performs south Indian Classical music. Balabhaskar was an Indian musician, violinist composer, and record producer. Ginger Shankar is an Indian American singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. Johar Ali Khan is an Indian classical violinist.

And Dr.Lakshminarayana Subramaniam may be a distinguished Indian violinist, composer, and conductor, who trained within the classical Carnatic music tradition and Western classical music.

Different people from different places provided great contributions to the event of the violin. But later the gorgeous majestic tone of the violin impressed the world.