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Veena: It is one of the various classical instruments in India. Some people spell it as ‘ vina’ though ” Veena ” is the most popular well of spelling it. This instrument belongs to the string family and it is accompanied by Hindustan and Carnatic music. This instrument bestows an exotic melody.Veena has different names in different parts of the country. They are Rudra Veena, Saraswathi Veena, and Vichitra Veena.

Carnatic music, in the south of India, widely uses the Veena. We can this instrument in Hindu Goddess Saraswathi in her hand, as well in south India. The Upanishads, Rigveda, and the Atharva Vedas have spoken of this musical instrument. Bharat Muni who wrote Natya Shastra spoke about this instrument.Anyone can be hypnotized by the sweet-sounding notes of the Veena. it’s an incredible instrument. Many mythological stories have been linked with this Veena.India is a more enormous land of cultures by the arts of dance, music and so on.Ravi kiran, Veena E.Gayatri , Sundaram Balachander, etc are the most popular Veena players in the country.