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Vamana Guntalu Rules

Vamana Guntalu, Pallanghuzi, Vana Guntalu is a traditional two-player board game that originated in Tamil Nadu, India. The game is played on a wooden board with multiple pits or hollows arranged in two rows. The objective of the game is to capture the opponent’s seeds or game pieces. Here are the rules to play Vamana Guntalu or Pallanghuzi:


  • A Vamana Guntalu or Pallanghuzi board: The board consists of 14 pits arranged in two rows, with 7 pits in each row. Additionally, there are two larger pits at the ends, called “Home Pits,” where captured seeds are placed.
  • 146 seeds or small game pieces: Usually, tamarind seeds or cowrie shells are used.


  1. Each player controls one row of seven pits on their side of the board.
  2. Place 7 seeds in each of the 14 small pits, totaling 98 seeds.
  3. The Home Pits remain empty at the start of the game.

Objective: The objective of Vamana Guntalu or Pallanghuzi is to capture more seeds than your opponent.


  1. The players take turns in a clockwise direction.
  2. On a player’s turn, they select one of their pits (not the Home Pit) that contains seeds and distribute them in a counterclockwise direction, dropping one seed in each consecutive pit. Seeds are distributed in this manner until all the seeds in the selected pit are used.
  3. If the last seed falls into an empty pit on the player’s side, the turn ends. If the last seed falls into a pit that already has seeds, the player picks up all the seeds in that pit and continues sowing them in the counterclockwise direction.
  4. If the last seed falls into a pit on the opponent’s side, and that pit now contains an even number of seeds, the player captures all the seeds in that pit (including the last seed sown) and places them in their Home Pit.
  5. If the last seed falls into a pit on the opponent’s side, and that pit now contains an odd number of seeds, the turn ends without capturing any seeds.
  6. The game continues until one player’s side of the board is empty.

Winning: The game ends when one player no longer has any seeds on their side of the board. The player with the most seeds in their Home Pit is declared the winner.

Vamana Guntalu or Pallanghuzi requires strategic thinking and planning to outmaneuver your opponent and capture their seeds effectively. The game is not only entertaining but also a way to develop cognitive skills. However, note that variations in rules might exist based on regional customs and personal preferences.