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Toor Dal

Prashant, who is 6 years old and a vegetarian, had a heated argument with his grandmother about serving dal daily to him. Then his grandmother starts telling him about the history, importance, and benefits of eating organic daals.


Dals are dried, split pulses that play an important role in Indian kitchens.. in India 🇮🇳 it is one of the staple foods in South Asian countries, and forms an important part of the cuisines of the Indian subcontinent.In the northern part of India, it is dal, and when it comes to the southern part of India,, it is “Pappu or mudda Pappu.”

Organic dal :

As the term suggests, organic dal is an eco-friendly dal harvested using natural processes. The farmers use natural fertilizers, natural compost, etc. it’s chemical-free dal and farmers use hand milling methods to retain the nutrients and taste of food.Organic dals are becoming the first choice of every household.The recipes are delicious and mouthwatering with organic dals.Even if there is a shortage of vegetables, then dal is the perfect combination of rice or Even if there is a shortage of vegetables, then dal is the perfect combination of rice or Every household keeps a stock of dal in the kitchen. Be it moon dal, toor dal or urad dal.

Prashant asks me: why do we need to switch to organic daals?

I answered him , when dals and pulses are polished, in the process of husk removal in order to make themUNP look shiny, the nutrients present in them get decreased, and artificial colors are added, which further decreases the natural taste and flavor of the dals. Whereas unpolished and organic dals have high fibre and nutrient content and are good for health.

Organic Dal’s Health Benefits

  • It helps in muscle generation.
  • Helps control diabetes
  • It helps to improve digestion.
  • It helps to promote heart health.
  • It helps to prevent cancer.
  • It helps with weight management.
  • It helps to develop a healthy nervous system.
  • Helps in the formation of RBC


Consuming organic dals, which have nutritional value, is good for health and can fight against various diseases when nature’s mother is giving us naturally.

Prashant winks his eyes as a sign of acceptance and says ” Good health and mindful living”