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Tools and Accessories

Kirthi is a young, enthusiastic gardener who has turned her garden into a beautiful farmhouse. If you look at her garden, she has grown huge varieties of flowering plants, vegetables, and fruits. I visited her farmhouse and asked her about the gardening tools and accessories she used on it.

Then she gave me a list of important gardening tools :

  • Gloves                                         
  • Hand trowel
  • Hand fork
  • Shovel
  • Digging fork
  • Rake
  • Secateurs
  • Long handled pruners
  • Sheers
  • Lawnmower
  • Cultivator
  • Loppers
  • Snips
  • Watering can
  • Weeder
  • Soil knife

1.Garden gloves

Garden gloves give protection to hands when you mix compost, prickles, caustic substances, minor bites, and sharp objects when you’re doing yard and garden work.

2. . Hand Trowel

These are used for digging small holes, like planting bulbs. It would take a long time to dig a hole for a plant or shrub with a hand trowel.

3. Hand fork

These are common hand tools used for weeding, digging, etc. it is similar to a spade, which is used for loosening, and turning over soil. It can rake out stones, weeds, and break up clods.

4. .Garden shovel 

It is a hand tool used in the garden to dig as well as to move loose granular materials like dirt, gravel, and debris from one spot to another. You can uproot the pesky weeds. It is incredible, especially when you are growing small and delicate plants.


The meaning of rake is to scrape together or heap up. collecting leaves, hay, and grass in horticultural implements and gardening for loosening the soil, light wedding, and levelling, and removing dead grass from the lawns.

  6 Secateurs

The other names for secateurs are hand pruners or pruning shears. These are useful for trimming plants, cutting flowers, and keeping branches in control. It looks like scissors are also used in harvesting garden produce such as large vegetables and fruits.


It is also called a grass cutter or lawnmower. The blades of lawn mowers are used to cut the grass surface to an even height.There are different types of lawnmowers according to the requirements of the garden or farm. It saves you time, as most people prefer letting their self-propelled mowers do all the hard work for them while they sit on a comfortable bench.


It is the largest type of manual gardening tool. Loppers are used for pruning twigs and small trunks. They are available in different sizes and shapes and are designed like scissors.

9.Watering can

A watering can or watering pot has various uses in farming and irrigation activities. It is a very simple but important tool for gardening purposes to water plants and crops as well. This is also useful for the application of liquid fertilisers to crops in the nursery beds or directly on the farm.They are easy to carry.


The weeder is used for removing weeds in vegetable gardens or lawns. The other name for the weeder is a dandelion digger. Weeds are the biggest problem for gardeners and farmers as well. These machines were replaced by manual labourers, which saved time and energy.

11.soil knife

Another garden tool is a soil knife. It is an invaluable tool for weeding, transplanting, and dividing plants. I find it a useful tool and do it when I’m in the garden. This tool has its origins in Japan. The Japanese call it Hoit “Hori,” “this soil knife,” which means to dig.