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The River Ganga Sacred

the River Ganga Sacred

The Shiva Sanskrit literature states that in the Treta Yuga, the second leg of the Hindu Age, the Puranic king Bhagirath prayed to Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva to permit his ancestral river Ganga to descend and redeem them. Hindus earnestly believe that bathing in the waters of the Ganga redeems one’s sins. it’s additionally believed that once the ashes of an individual are immersed within the Ganga, they shortly dissolve within the Jala tatwa. Even trendy scientists have accepted that bottled Gangajal remains bacteria-free for months. What is therefore special concerning the Ganga that produces it totally different from alternative rivers of the country? There are several vital rivers in Bharat, just as the Yamuna, Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri, Sindhu, and Brahmaputra Rivers. Every one of those rivers contains a natural supply and has sculpted out its own course or path—except the Ganga—which is the sole watercourse whose supply was pre-decided and developed by man and not naturally. Further, its course too was chartered by man and not naturally. It absolutely was King Bhagirath WHO who discovered the supply of the Ganga and later chartered its course on considerably set cities like Haridwar, Varanasi, Allahabad, and Patna. Within the light-weight of those facts, the Ganga can’t be known as a natural watercourse —it is far from that.

According to legend, King Bhagirath’s granddaddy and father, King Sagar and King Dilip, severally, started sorting out a waterbody that was divine at its supply, however vainly. Finally, Bhagirath reached the precise location of the required waterbody in its frozen state, at Gomukh, within the Gangotri ice mass. Here, Bhagirath discovered that, due to the heavenly radiation from the earth Jupiter, the whole expanse of this frozen block had become divine water. In fact, Gomukh may be a distinctive and rare geo-point on earth that receives special rays from Jupiter because it is found at the intersection of a definite meridian and the latitude of the world. The whole stretch of the frozen space measured nearly twenty-four sq klicks and was three hundred linear units deep. However, thanks to heating, this space has currently reduced in size. This development doesn’t occur anywhere else in the world and since of this extraordinary issue, the Ganga is the sole watercourse whose waters will redeem one amongst sins.

Additionally, the ice mass receives moonbeams—Shiva tatwa—at night, which aids in chilling the water, and through the day, it’s underneath the melting rays of the sun—Vishnu tatwa. The method continues intensely day and night, impacting the standard of the water. However, the principal reason behind the divine quality of Gangajal is thanks to Jupiter. Thus, Ganga’s water is exclusive, divine, and stays bacteria-free for many months. Moreover, there are some physical factors too that are delineated later within the book. It’s unfortunate that the current state of the Ganga and its waters is therefore terribly dismal. Factories within the cities set on their banks grime the waters with their toxic discharge that has created it unworthy for human consumption. Its divinity and also the past glory all appear to have disappeared thanks to human intervention. In a very serious bid to revive its lost glory, the govt of Bharat has declared the Ganga as the national watercourse and has devised the Ganga Action to clean its waters.

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