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Terrace Gardening

Terrace Gardening​

Gardening is the best hobby that relieves us from stress. It gives good physical exercise to our bodies. Post corona gave us an experience about health and boosting immunity levels by eating vegetables and fruits which are organic. City life gives us all the necessities we need for easy living, and these are prone to pollution. Growing organic crops in cities is a bit challenging. Plant lovers are attracted to the terrace garden with all its beautiful flowers, fresh organic veggies, and fruits.

A little effort can transform your rooftop into a beautiful terrace garden. It is not as expensive as others think. You can use every item from our houses which we often discard or throw outside. Terrace gardening is the place where we get good air, sun, and water. Everyone in the family can spend some quality time together on their terrace, which may refresh their minds and bodies. One more advantage of a terrace garden is that we can protect our building from absorbing heat in summer. Here we can grow all types of fruits and vegetables in containers. 

Let’s discuss some basic requirements for terrace gardening for those who are going to start after reading this article.

  1. Designing an idea
  2. prepare roof for terrace gardening
  3. Container and Raised Beds in terrace gardening
  4. Combined patches for terrace gardening
  5. Containers
  6. Soil requirements
  7. Homemade potting mix
  8. water arrangement 
  9. Seeds and plantation
  10. Fertilisers
  11. Pesticides
  12. Rainwater harvesting
  13. Protecting shields from birds
  14. Suitable Plants
  15. Maintaining the right gardening tools
Terrace Gardening​ 1


  1. As it is your personal space,,, you can harvest produce..
  2. Due to green plants,, your  building can get a cooling effect.t
  3. It requires less maintenance.
  4. You can use rainwater..
  5. Terrace gardening is a stress buster.
  6. You can cut your daily budget on fruits and vegetables.
  7. Your health is in your hands now because you are eating organic veggies and fruits that are grown in your garden.
  8. It reduces carbon monoxide and is good for the environment.


A terrace garden is a combination of different plants that are healthy and capable of growing in limited spaces.It is easy to maintain, economical, saves time , purifies air , reduces carbon monoxide etc..


Terrace gardening should be cultivated by all because growing your own vegetables and fruits organically increases immunity, life span, and satisfaction that your consuming veggies or fruits without chemical fertilisers. Whether space is small or big, it doesn’t matter , go greenery on your terrace.