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Tala - The Rhythemic System

Tala - The Rhythemic System

Taal Music

When you listen to music, your body naturally sways to the rhythm of the song. We begin tapping our fingers on our laps or our toes on the floor. What exactly does it mean? The song’s melody and rhythm are two crucial musical elements. Both are intertwined in the composition as well as in the rendition. Melody and rhythm are equally important when writing a song. The tempo of a song is maintained in classical music by Taal and Laya.

The Taal is a type of Indian music with a rhythmic time cycle. These rhythmic cycles can last anywhere from 3 to 108 beats. Musical time is divided into simple and complicated meters according to taal. Laya is the taal tempo that keeps the time consistent.

Dadra, Kaharba, Rupak, et al., Chapter, Teental, and Ada Chautala Jatpal are a few popular and frequently used talas. The majority of composers employ teen taal, which has sixteen beats. Laghu, dhrutam, and anu dhrutam are the three components of the tala (thala). There are 175 thalas in Carnatic music.

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