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Supari (betel nut)

Supari (betel nut)​


Hinduism, as we already know, has a wide variety of rituals and traditions. Each ritual and ingredient we use in these rituals has meaning and benefits that have been passed down to us from our ancestors or written down in scripts written by them. The ingredient mentioned in this post has been used in ceremonies and pujas. Supari is one such ingredient that is essential in all Hindu ceremonies and pujas. I’ll try to explain its history, meaning, and significance in Hinduism.

Historians are unsure when this supari was used by the people in religious rituals or customs. In recent years, the use of supari has been highlighted in Hindu rituals, ancient texts, and Ayurvedic books. Supari is known as “poogi phal” in Sanskrit, “Betel Nut” or “Areca Nut” in English, “Supari” in Hindi, and “Vakkalu” or “Vakkapodi” in Telugu. It is a woody seed derived from the Areca palm tree. Many people use it as a whole in rituals rather than splitting it in half. Supari is divided into two categories. 1. supari challiya 2. puja Supari

We worship Lord Ganesha at the Challiya supari, which is round.  Lord Ganesha at the Challiya supari, which is round. And pooja supari is used to offer their prayers to Gods and Goddesses.

The Advantages of Supari

  1. It is astringent, pungent, bitter, spicy, salty, and pungent.
  2. It is used in an ancient Indian eating custom.
  3. It indicates a man should surrender hard, coarse qualities to God, leaving only soft and pure qualities.
  4. Traditionally, it exemplifies the Nine Planets in NavaGraha pooja and takes the form of deities such as Brahma, Vishnu, and Surya depending on the various pujas they perform.
  5. In Maharashtra, it represents a human being, and the presence of a wife is essential in any Hindu ritual. If the wife is deceased or otherwise unavailable, poojari can represent her by wrapping a betel nut in a cloth.
  6. Bengalis believe it has magical properties and that placing it under their pillows allows them to see their future in dreams.
  7. These betel nuts are tied to pandals, the grinder, the pounding stone, large utensils, and the bridegroom’s clothes, as they represent prosperity.
  8. Deonar pooja refers to an ancient tradition in northwest India in which kheer made of milk and rice is offered to village deities when a betel nut tree is planted.
  9. Betel nuts are offered to God in betel leaves during the Satya Narayana vratam.
  10.  When visitors come to our homes, many women seek blessings from elders or poojari by presenting them with betel leaf, betel nut, and fruit.

Significant of betel nut in Hindu Rituals

This betel nut facilitates a direct connection with divine entities. It represents loyalty as well as a strong bond. We offer supari to the deity after offering gangajal, panchamitra, clothes, and money. It can serve as a symbol for Brahaman, Varunadeva, and Indra Deva. Yama deva as well as other deities.

When we offer these nuts to the Gods and Goddesses, we are attempting to purge ourselves of any negative emotions. It is something we can incorporate into our daily prayers. It plays an important role in Kalash pooja, which provides us with numerous advantages. It is performed by chanting the mantra listed below.

“Edam Phalam Mayaa Samyak Prakshipet Kalashe Yatah

“Teenayam Kalashah Samjak Phalwaantu Saravadaa.”


 Supari can use it as a symbol for the divine deities. It is also used to invoke the blessings of divine entities. It is used for all auspicious occasions, such as weddings and other ceremonies. It promotes salivation and aids digestion. It links us to the divine deities.

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