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Shankh (Conch )

The Conch Or Shankh​

When Hindus worship God and Goddesses, the conch, or Shanka, is an essential item. Shanka is a Sanskrit word that represents purity, intelligence, and happiness. Lord Vishnu also has the holy Shanka in his right hand. The conch produces an OM sound in the same way that the bell produces one. The purest form of sound, OM blown by conch, represents freshness and hope, ushering in new beginnings in life.


  1. Many speech problems can be solved by blowing the conch.
  2. It is beneficial to prostate health.
  3. Blowing conch will reduce anti-aging issues such as fine lines on the forehead and cheeks.
  4. It provides relief for the diaphragm, chest, and neck muscles, as well as the urinary tract, bladder, and lower abdomen.
  5. The humming sound is caused by the earth’s cosmic energy.
  6. Positive vibrations are emitted by the sound vibrations, which remove negative energy from their surroundings.
  7. The person becomes more attentive as a result of the positive vibes.
  8. Concentrating solely on the sharp sound, thus emptying the brain of all other thoughts and providing relaxation to the mind, body, and soul


In Hinduism, the conch shell is blown before beginning any religious ritual. A conch shell is blown while riving on any new idol to the homes or any sandals. Every Hindu treasures it because it represents purity. It is wrapped in a red cloth and placed in a silver or clay pot. They use the conch to sprinkle water during puja. According to the Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Shankha is the abode of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Shiva. Vishnu.When we bathe the Vishnu idols in shanka, we will be cleansed of all our sins from previous lives.


Every item associated with Hinduism is auspicious and should be kept in the puja room when performing puja on a daily or special occasion. Shanka should be handled with care and placed on a red cloth. The sound purifies the air in our surroundings. Every day, it is blown twice.