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Saraswati Mantra

Saraswati Mantra​

Saraswathi Namasthubhyam, Varadey Kaamarupinee

Vidhyarambham Karishyami, Sidhir bhavathu mey sada”


The Goddess of knowledge and wisdom is honoured by the Saraswati Mantra. According to legend, Goddess Saraswati is Lord Brahma’s creation and serves as the personification of all the knowledge he is said to possess.  

There are numerous names for the Goddess, including Mahabhadra, Padmaaksh, Varaprada, Divyanga, and others. She is thought to bring order through her wisdom to the disordered world that Lord Brahma created. 

Goddess Saraswati is the ruler of the realm of knowledge. All intellectuals and creatives—musicians, scholars, scientists, and artists—worship her fervently and ask for her blessings to advance their capacities for both thought and creation.  

Because Goddess Saraswati is believed to be the source of the Vedas, every Vedic lesson begins and ends with the Saraswati Vandana, the chants that honour the Goddess of speech and consciousness. 

Meaning of Saraswati Mantra

The Saraswati Mantra is chanted to improve the reciter’s ability to focus, concentrate, and retain information. The phrase means, literally, “I bow down to Goddess Saraswati, the one who grants wishes and satisfies desires, to increase the concentration and memory power of my mind. O Goddess, grant me the ability to comprehend things clearly from the very beginning of my studies.

Benefit of Saraswati Mantra

The Saraswati Mantra can be chanted to improve concentration and memory while studying, which can be very beneficial. Additionally, it can increase your intelligence and improve your communication skills. You will experience a free flow of wisdom as a result of repeating this mantra because it reduces your risk of confusion and makes learning simple for you.