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Do you recall this sloka? Our grandmothers taught us this in childhood.. The divine deity Vedamata is worshipped for knowledge, music, art, speech, wisdom, and learning, according to this sloka (verse). She is a member of the Tridevi.(In addition to Lakshmi and Parvati.) She is the one who bestowed knowledge on the human race. Kalidasa is one of the poets who received her blessings and became famous poets. So she is also known as vach or vac ( meaning word)The Sanskrit language is attributed to her.

Appearance of Vach

She has a fair skin tone, a very elegant woman dressed always in a white saree with ornaments. A lotus adorned with gold and pearls. She is often depicted with four hands and sometimes with two, where the main hands are shown playing the Veena,and the third holds the counting beads of prayer, a mala of rudraksh or even a kamandal. The fourth hand has the four Vedas, which are symbols of knowledge anyone can attain. She rides on a white swan, which symbolises Sattva Guna. As Manjushri, she is a prominent figure in Buddhist pictography or iconography. They believe that each will grant Moksha – the final liberation of the soul. She is also the goddess of language and speech, so she is called Vagadevi. Without her blessings and grace, the entire world would not be able to communicate. She is also a god of 64 kalas and 14 shastras. All artists will pray for her blessings.

Vasantha Panchami:

It is the day Vach was born. Vasantha Panchami also marks the beginning of spring. The harvest festival starts in the month of Magh. A forty-day period later marks the start of preparation for other major Hindu festivals, Holika and Holi. On this day, people wear yellow-coloured clothes, eat yellow-colored sweet dishes, and display yellow flowers at home. This day is auspicious for kids to write their first words with their fingers/pen/pencil or study some creative art field. Her favorite color is yellow.

Avatars of deity

Saraswathi is derived from Sanskrit scriptures and is ” essence of self,” according to the phrases of Sara. The “essence” and swai means” self” She is considered a Brahmin and a form of Adi Shakti. Mata Saraswati is represented as the ultimate truth as Lord Shiva’s wife, and as Lord Vishnu’s wife, she is represented as a knowledge-giver to devotees. Saraswati is the goddess of intellect because she is Lord Ganesha’s wife. Saraswati bestows poetic knowledge to seekers through Sharada, the form she took as a daughter of Marichi.


She is an essential part of the trinity of Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma. Assisting them in the formation and maintenance of global equilibrium Goddess Saraswati Pooja also improves spiritual consciousness and knowledge purity in her devotees’ lives.

Saraswathi Temples

  • Sri Sharada Devi (Maihar Devi), Maihar
  • Saraswati Temple, Pushkar
  • Shringeri Sharadamba Temple
  • Panachikkadu Temple, Kottayam
  • Gnana Saraswati Temple, Basar
  • Panachikkadu Temple, Kerala
  • Dakshina Mookambika Temple Kerala

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