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Rock Salt

Previously, we discussed the hotness and tanginess in any cuisine. If you don’t add these to any dish, it is tasteless. I think you guessed right, it’s salt, or sendha namak, or sendha lavanam. These are the local names according to different regions of India. It is the purest form of salt.- unprocessed and raw, devoid of environmental pollutants and chemical components. Rock salt in its natural form as a crystalline mineral is rock salt.

Color: The salt itself is white, but ed in different areas may have different impurities. It will appear blue, pink, grey, or many colors. Among all food products, it is the least expensive kind of salt. We find two types of salt. 1. Rock salt 2. Black salt.

Sendha Namak:

This salt is in its pure form and is used during religious fasts in India.I have also noticed this is used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is said to be good for the heart, beneficial for people with diabetes, and to prevent osteoporosis. According to Ayurveda, this salt reduces depression and stress, prevents and treats muscle cramps, regulates blood pressure, aids digestion, and relieves skin problems and arthritis.

It is more beneficial than other edible salts for patients suffering from chronic kidney disease. This salt lowers the freezing point of water and can be used in ice cream machines.

Benefits of Sendha namak:

  • Enhances Digestion
  • Treats Sore Throat
  • Promotes Metabolism
  • Supplies Clear Skin
  • Relieves Stress
  • Weight loss


Kala namak (black salt).

This is also referred to as sanchal. Black salt, or Kala namak, is dark brown ( almost black), but changes to a pinkish grey powder when it’s ground. It has a pungent smell- much like boiled eggs – from its natural sulfur content.It’s frequently utilized in cooking, especially in Asian and Indian cuisine, because of its pungent, savory, and umami flavor.Cooking with black salt is common and familiar in Indian cuisine. It has got nutritional value.Ayurvedics consider black salt to be a cooling spice that is utilized as a digestive and therapeutic agent.

Benefits of Black Namak

  • Got antioxidants properties
  • Reduces Heartburn and Bloating
  • Helps in proper digestion
  • Heart Health
  • Decreases Diabetes Complications
  • Eases Muscle Spasms.


Though both salts have health benefits, like many other ingredients, when taken in large amounts they can have harmful consequences. It can affect bodily functions.