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Rudramadevi was the most prominent women ruler in the Kakatiya dynasty. In Indian history. She was born in the year 1262 CE Ganapathi Deva is the founder of the Kakatiya Dynasty. She ruled the kingdom from 1232 CE to 1295 CE.

The early life of Rudramadevi

When she was born , the family named her Rudradev and bought her as a boy, as south India was predominantly dominated by male rulers. Her father encouraged her to learn all martial arts required for war.

At age of 14, Rudrama Devi shared the throne with her father Ganapathi Deva as RudraDeva. Along with her father, she attended darbar and listened to all the plight of problems of common people.

She has learned how to administer the kingdom. After her father’s demise, she took control of the whole kakatiya dynasty. As it is a male-dominated society, she was bestowed with the male name Rudradeva and even asked his fellow beings and workers to address her name as Rudra Deva..she insisted them write his male name on all inscriptions.she addressed all meetings dressed up as a male.

Suppression of enemies by Rudradeva

Her succession to the throne was rejected by small and noble rulers as well. Even opposed by her relatives. They started to hate her women’s authority. All enemies at once besieged the Orugallu kingdom in complicated situations. without fear in her mind, she suppressed all these enemies with bravery and courage. She proved herself And enthrone the queen of the Kakatiya Dynasty.She ruled a dynasty for four decades. Attempts made by Yadavs and Cholas to conquer the Kakatiya dynasty had failed. She firmly stood and fought a battle with them. She ruled the kingdom with good administration, love of justice, and equality among the people with administrators and spread peace.  She was in severe grief when her husband, Veera Bhadra, die. In 1280, she made her grandson Prataparudra Deva Yuvraj. Rani rudrama devi constructed the Orugallu fort and Golconda fort as well.


Conclusion on her death

Recently they found two statues of rudramadevi in Bollikunta village near Warangal archaeologists. one of the statues appeared as a warrior queen and in another statue gives indications of her death.