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Raga - The Melodic Framework

Raga - The Melodic Framework​

Raag, also spelled rag or raagam, is a series of ascending and descending notes. Raag employs seven primary pitches.

  • SA shadha (षड्ज)
  • RI Rishabh (ऋषभ)
  • GA Gandhara (गान्धार)
  • MA madhyam (मध्यम)
  • PA pancham (पञ्चम)
  • DHA Shaivite (धैवत)
  • NI nishad (निषाद

On the way up and down in Raag, the notes are frequently used. They have specific pairings that must always be used together, and one cannot compose at any time using any pairing. CHALAN is the name given to these combinations. Ras is the mood created by each raag that tells a story or conveys emotion to the story. Ras’s characteristics include serenity, devotion, love, loneliness, pathos, and heroism. They are discovered and bestowed upon humanity by deities, not musicians. Raag is associated with various seasons and times of the day. These ragas are frequently used in Indian religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Sufism in their meditative music and prayers. In the Bhagawad Gita, a sacred book of Indian culture, the raags are mentioned.

In Carnatic music, ragas are categorized according to their swaras, whereas in Hindustani music, ragas are categorized according to thaat.

  • Raag Asaravi
  • Raag Bhairav
  • Raag Bhairavi
  • Raag Bilawal
  • Raag Kafi
  • Raag Kalyan
  • Raag Khamaj
  • Raag Marwa
  • Raag Purvi
  •  Raag Todi 

These are basic divisions of Raagas.

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