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Pots and planters

Pots and planters​


  • In gardening, we come across different types of pots and planters, which are used to enhance the beauty of the garden and can grow a variety of plants on a terrace or in front of an empty space.
  • There is a slight difference between pots and planters. Pots are small and round and house only one plant, whereas planters are of unequal sizes and shapes and can house more than one plant.
  • These containers are kept in kitchens (pots), and planters are arranged on balconies or in front of the house. We can save space by planting more plants in these planters.
  • We can say interior gardening, which is becoming more popular in gardening. Every household can grow a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc. in these containers and can cut down on expenses as well.

The benefits of container gardening

  • There will be a drastic change in the weather. At these crucial times, you can shift these pots indoors or outdoors as this is a portable garden. No harm will be caused to the plants.
  • This type of container gardening is suitable in cities because the amount of space is limited. One can arrange these planters on rooftops and cultivate a large variety of flowers, vegetables, etc.
  • You can control the soil quality by planting in containers. This is a boon for those plants that are prone to diseases, insect pests, or poor conditions.
  • Many varieties of vegetables or flowers can be cultivated by oneself if they have a passion for that they can create the dream garden of their choice.
  • One can get satisfaction that they are consuming organic vegetables and fruits that are cultivated in their garden by using organic compost rather than chemical fertilizers.


Soil makes a big difference in the growth of plants when grown in soil. But when plants are grown in pots, they are prone to fewer diseases. The container route saves space, controls pests, and overcomes soil issues. Growing plants in containers makes gardening accessible to all, including children. No weeding problems are seen in potter gardening. It saves time and labour. Good air and sunlight can be experienced by pottering. In simple words, a highly productive high rise garden.


After the pandemic, everyone became health conscious and showed more interest in organic edibles. The ones that we were purchasing are prone to diseases as they use more pests on vegetables or fruits, which is affecting the immunity system. With little effort, one can save their lives and cut off expenses by cultivating their desired variety of fruits and vegetables on their rooftops.