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Pancha Patra

Pancha Patra​

As previously stated, each item in the puja tali has its own significance in Hinduism. The most important item in performing daily rituals and offering pooja at temples and at home is Panchapatra. Patram, which was originally known as Pancha Patra (leaves in Sanskrit), refers to the vessel in which five leaves are placed before performing pooja.

This vessel is available in both silver and copper. Udarani are spoons in Japanese. The five leaves kept in the vessel are named Tulsi, Arugu, Vembu, Vilvam, and Vanni. This water is served to devotees as thirdhamu in temples.

This is commonly referred to as charanAmrit, which means holy nectar from the feet of the worshipped Deity, and is consumed as a sacred offering or a holy gift following the completion of the Pooja. The holy water is made from a combination of five essential ingredients: ghee (clarified butter), water (Gangajal), curd, honey, and tulsi leaves. This thirdham is distributed to devotees at the end of the pooja.