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Nutgram Toys

The tale of Natungram dolls-west Bengal

Natungram is the hub of wooden doll making. The primary livelihood of this region is making wooden dolls, and these craftspeople have been practising this art form for many years. It is a small village in the Bardhaman district of West Bengal. Both men and women invest their time in making the dolls, which is a family-based activity. Men are skilled in wood carving, and women do coloring. They make ethnic character dolls. They make Raja Rani, an owl associated with Goddess Lakshmi, with their bright, vibrant colors, which makes them the most popular dolls. Apart from other regular toys, the craftsmen chisel the wood to make gods and goddesses in rectangular or square sections.

These wooden dolls are distinguished by their vivid colours, complementary designs, and ethnic styles. The subject of these designs is based on culture and mythology. The dolls are made from one piece of wood. These craftsmen use Gamhar wood, which is strong and good in quality. Other words they use in making dolls are mango wood, neem wood, and akashmani.

Tools they use: 

  • Saw machine
  • Carving Knife
  • Chisels of different sizes
  • Gouge
  • Hammers and
  • Sandpaper

They use bold colors for painting, and the white background of the doll is painted with a design of black, yellow, and red. Owl dolls are Because It is a vehicle of Goddess Durga, and is considered auspicious for the home.

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