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When you want to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable mind, then there is a priceless technique called meditation. It is done in an open-air or inside a room, in a calm atmosphere to train attention and awareness or focussing on a particular object , thought or activity.


It is practised in numerous religions. We can see the roots in our Upanishads, which play a key role in Buddhism and Hinduism. It is also called ‘ dhyana’ in Hinduism and Buddhism and comes from the Sanskrit root “dhayi”, meaning to contemplate or meditate. Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Pandit Ravishankar, and Sad Guru, etc. emphasis meditation. Meditation is considered a type of mind-body complementary medicine. Dyaan can produce a deeper understanding of the sacred and mystical forces of life. Dhyaan can create a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind. Initially, in the practice of dhyana, our mind focuses on jumbled thoughts that may be crowding our minds and causing stress. In this article on meditation, let’s briefly know the types of meditation and the fundamentals of meditation.

Ways to meditate can include:

  •  Guided meditation
  • Mantra meditation
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Yoga
  •  Transcendental meditation etc…

Fundamentals of meditation:

  •  Breath as a point of focus.
  • Observer of thoughts
  • Intention Setting
  • Sacrifice expectations
  • Admit and accept emotions.

Meditate  morning and evening for  10-15 minutes. It is best to meditate before your first meal of the day. Try to meditate in a quiet and calm place, but if you do not have a quiet place to meditate, that is okay. Noise is not a barrier to meditating; concentration is more important.

Top 10 advantages of Dyhaan

  • Reduce Stress levels
  • Enhances mental health
  • Improve self-awareness
  • increases concentration
  • Reduces memory loss
  • Reliefs from insomnia
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Generates empathy  and kindness
  • Increase your lifespan
  • Training  your brain

conclusion:Based on my research on meditation  I conclude that meditation has many benefits for physical and mental health and well-being. It suppresses illnesses and relieves stress caused by this present mechanical life.