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Lord Ganesha Offered Red Flowers and Blades of Grass

Lord Ganesha Offered Red Flowers and Blades of Grass

The Shilpa Shastra, the shastra that lays down the ideas of architecture, states that the colour of Lord Ganesha is purple. There are seven strength centers in a human frame known as the sat chakras, and every chakra has a particular colour. The first strength center is the Muladhara or the foundation chakra, the strength center at the bottom of the spine, and its colour is purple. Lord Ganesha is the presiding deity of this center, and therefore, the colour purple is consonant with him. It is due to this purpose that purple plant life is supplied to him as they’re in concord with the vibrations of Lord Ganesha.Together with purple plant life, purple material and purple sandalwood paste also are supplied to him.

Another imparting that unearths favour with Lord Ganesha is soft grass blades known as doubt or durva. These are supplied in choppy numbers—one or 3 or 5 or seven—or withinside the shape of a grass blade’s garland. Grass blades are supplied to Ganesha as it is believed that they have got the strength to draw Ganesha Ottawa. The deity accepts those right now and the devotee is immediately blessed. When purple plant life, purple material, purple sandalwood, or durva grass blades are supplied to Lord Ganesha, those liven up his idol, picture, or image. Therefore, to thrill Ganesha and to try to find his blessings, he has to best be supplied with such articles that deliver him pleasure.

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