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This article is about Lokamatri, the first of three deities. She is the consort of Lord Vishnu.

In India, we worship both gods and goddesses. They are given a lot of importance in India. The Brhadaranyaka Upanishad,  an ancient Hindu text, states that we have 330 million deities. In the Vedic age, it states that we have several female deities. Usha (the dawn), Ratri (the night), Prithvi ( the earth mother)and Aeachchthehmother of the Vedasarere some examples of female deities. A trinity of goddesses arose just like the Trinity of Gods. The name given to the trinity of goddesses was Tridevi. Lokamatri is the first goddess of the Tridevi. She is the most popular goddess in Hindu mythology. And is known as goddess. Her name was first developed from Sanskrit, which means ” which represents the goal or aim of life, which includes worldly and spiritual prosperity.” Sri Lanka is credited as the “mother of the world.”

Lokamatri – Form

She is often depicted with four arms, either standing or sitting on a pink lotus flower, and holding a kathmandu (manual /water pot) and a single blue or pink lotus flower in two of her hands. She showers coins on her devotees. Lokamatri drapes a red sari and is accompanied by painted elephants., adorned with garlands of flowers, spritz water from trunks, or other traditional symbols of good luck.

Four hands represent four goals Of human life:

  • Kama (desire)
  • Martha (wealth),  
  • dharma (duty) 
  • moksha (liberation from the world).

The first three are associated with worldly desires, whereas the fourth is purely spiritual.

Gold coin showering represents prosperity in all aspects, not just money, and the lotus flower represents the transformation of worldly success into spiritual growth. Crouching on a lotus represents being present in the world but not being possessed by it. Lokamatri’s upbeat demeanour represents the qualities of beauty, motherhood, and purity Elephants pouring water effortlessly represent how freely she bestows wealth and power on her devotees. A red sari symbolises a strong dislike for laziness, and pride, prosperity, and spiritual growth must be earned.

The rebirth of Lakshmi

There are different versions of the birth of Lakshmi. She was reborn when the churning of the ocean of milk began. She fled into the ocean because she was annoyed by Indra’s arrogance. The whole world became dark and without her presence, there is no happiness or good fortune. The gods want her to get back to heaven. Indra consulted Vishnu, who is in the Kurma Avatar, and they began to work together to put an end to the demons, and obtain Amrita from the depths of the cosmic ocean. The Gods and demons stirred the ocean of milk with a naga by wrapping it around Mount Mandara. Ultimately, after 1000 years of churning, there were many treasures. From the whirlpool, Lakshmi’s daughter Devi emerged with lotus flowers. and all the deities welcomed her to heaven.

Vishnu and Lakshmi

Lakshmi is Vishnu’s Shakthi, and as his consort, she bestows wealth. good fortune and safety If Vishnu is the representation of meaning and Lakshmi is the representation of speech, if Vishnu is the representation of knowledge and Lokamatri is the representation of insight, if Vishnu is the representation of behaviour, Lokamatri is the representation of conduct, and so on… This shows how they are related to or complement each other.

The other names of Lakshmi Devi along with their meaning.

  • Prakriti  –  The nature
  • Vidya   –   Knowledge
  • Vibhuti –     The supreme wealth
  • Paramatma   –  The omnipresent one
  • Padmalaya –      Resident of lotus
  • Sarvopadrava Varini  –     One who dispels all miseries
  • Mangala Devi  –   The auspicious goddess
  • Hemamalini   –      One with Golden Garlands

There are several names for Lokamatri. These are just a few examples of many names with meaning. Lakshmi worship is a major part of Diwali, the biggest Hindu festival. She is also worshipped during Durga Puja. Lakshmi is worshipped by businessmen at the start of the new year. Her idols and images are found in almost every temple and house. Every Friday, it is devoted to her and worships her.


Om Mahalakshmi Namahae

Om Gaja Lakshmi Namaha

Om Jaya Lakshmi Namahae

Om Thana Lakshmi Namaha

Om Santana Lakshmi Namahae

Om Seetha Lakshmi Namahae

Om Thaireya Lakshmi Namaha

Om Thannya Lakshmi Namahae

Om Vidya Lakshmi Namaha

Om Maha Vishu Mahalakshmi Namaha

Shri Dakshina Lakshmi Stotram

Trilokya Poojithe Dhevee Kamala Vishnu vallabhe

Yaya Thawam Achalaa Krishne Thathaa-bhava Mayee Sthiraa

Kamala Chanchala Lakshmi Chalaa Bhoothir Hari Priya

Padma Padmalayaa Samyak Uchai Shri Padma-dharini

Dwada-saithani Naamani Lakshmi Sampoojya Ya Padeth

Sthiraa Lakshmir Bhaved Thasya Puthra-dhara Abhi-saha

Ithi Shri Dakshina Lakshmi Stotram Sampoornam“

popular temples of Sri Lakshmi Devi.

  • Mahalakshmi Temple, Dahanu
  • Mohiniraj Laxmi Temple, Ahmednagar
  • Mahalaxmi Temple, Hedavde
  • Ashtalakshmi Kovil, Chennai
  • Ashtalakshmi Temple, Hyderabad
  • Mahalakshmi Temple, Kolhapur
  • Mahalakshmi Temple, Mumbai
  • Goravanahalli Mahalakshmi Temple, Bangalore
  • Lakshmi Devi Temple, Doddagaddavalli
  • Chaurashi Temple, Himachal Pradesh
  • Laxminarayan Temple, Delhi
  • Sripuram Golden Temple, Vellore
  • Mahalakshmi Temple, Karur

The avatars of sri Lakshmi :

  • Dhana Lakshm
  • Adi Lakshmi
  • Dhanya Lakshmi
  • Gaja Lakshmi
  • Santana Lakshmi
  • Veera Lakshmi
  • Vidya Lakshmi
  • Vijaya Lakshmi
  • Two more incarnations of Lakshmi are Sita and Rukmini.

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