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The character Krishna originated from the Sanskrit word Krsna, which gives us the meaning of “dark blue,” “black, dark, or “all attractive.” He is the purna-avatar of Lord Vishnu, associated with 16 Kalas, or perfect qualities. He is the eighth avatar of lord Vishnu and a supreme deity for Hindus who worship him with devotion and often call him by different names like

  • Vasudeva – son of vasudeva
  • Devaki Nandana – son of Deviki
  • Govindaya           – One Who Pleases The Cows, The Land And The Entire Nature
  • Govardhanachalo Dhartre -Lifter Of Govardhan Hill
  • Niranjanaya- -The Unblemished Lord
  • Satay ache    – Speaker of Truth.
  • Narayana ya – The one who is lord Vishnu
  • Shri Krishna      – The dark complexioned Lord, and so on.

We all know the role he played in Mahabharata as a charioteer and Arjun’s guide in the Kurukshetra war. Krishna is the embodiment of love and divine bliss that destroys all pains. The tales of Krishna’s prodigies. from his birth to the end of Mahabharata are ample to make him a hero for numerous tribes. He is the source of all existence as a human. The name Krishna pulls all the positivity from all directions and He attracts people with his charm and smile. One has rightly said that even precious jewels lost their sheen and shine before his.

Krishna’s unique traits:  His skin tone is dark blue or black, and he is often depicted wearing a golden yellow silk dhoti and a peacock feather crown. He is shown eating butter as a baby, playing the flute as a young boy, and as a handsome young man surrounded by female devotees. His feats are glorified as those of a prankster, lover, divine hero, and supreme power.

Krishna peacock feather:  It signifies beauty and knowledge. He admires the peacock because it is the most beautiful bird and creature on the planet. Peacocks dance to the tune of the flute played by him.

Krishna bamboo flute:  As a child , he was a nature lover Being aware of the agony caused to plants when they are cut down, he asked for a tiny bamboo stem offered to him, and Krishna turned it into a flute and mesmerized everyone with his music.

Blue colour complexion:  The colour blue signifies eternity, and the whole region is covered in it, including the Nabh (skyy), rivers, and oceans. Hue blue represents the extent of his character and his depth of vision. Another version of his blue complexion, he faced several demons like Putana and Kali Kali Nag, which are toxic. He received poison from them and fought with them, turning blue.

Smiling: The secret behind his smiling face gives us a moral that in any circumstance, we need to be cheerful. Life is ill if ups and downs, always need to look at the brighter side. He is a wise man and understands everything. He has faced many problems since his childhood, yet he maintains a lovely grin on his face.

Krishna’s clothes : The yellow dhoti indicates the association with the earth. It accelerates the nerves, glands, and brain and awakens our energies. The colour encourages engagement and activity. He instilled in everyone the need to concentrate and believe in oneself.

The Bhagavad Geeta is the most sacred and popular book of Hindus. It is also the supreme book in all books. The Bhagavad Geeta means “the song of God.” It has 700 verses. which come from the Mahabharata. Krishna gave his divine teachings when Parda (Arjuna) was afraid of the war and thought to give up. This book upholds the potential to transform a simple , foolish being into an extraordinary, divine being.

Krishna aararhi: Devotees of Krishna offer Tulsi garlands and milk products, especially his favourite food butter, fruits, laddus, payasam, etc. After completion of offerings and puja , they give aaratbi to him which they call as janamastami aarathi..

Mula Mantra: Om Kleem Krishnaya Namah 

Krishna Gayatri Mantra:Om Daamodharayae Vidmahee

Rukmani Vallabhaye Dheemahee

Tanno Krishna Prachodayat

One who is hankering for materialistic deeds is blessed with his benevolence. If you leave your karma at his feet , he will protect us from all sins, remove all karma from the past, and ultimately, one can attain Moksha (liberation).

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