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The word kanjira comes from the Tamil words ‘ Kanja ‘ meaning skin and ‘ Jiri means a “small jingling anklet”, giving it the meaning of skin with bells. It belongs to the percussion family and it is a folk instrument that is found in various parts of South India. Now the instrument is primarily used in Carnatic tradition and is often the supporting instrument in South Indian percussion instruments like Mridangam.

It produces a wide range of sounds and pitches. it depends more on the playing and tuning technique than a change in design or materials.The music is very enjoyable and satisfying to learn. Learning basics of kanjira can be easy and fun to do.The notable kanjira players in history and modern day. are some of the most talented and well-known Kanjira players from around the world,

  • B.Shree Sundarkumar
  • Sivamani
  • B.S. Purushottam
  • H.Ramakrishna

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