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kalashamu (Kalash)

Kalash ( kalashamu )​

We call them kalash by various names, such as Purna Kalash, Kumbha kalash, and Purna Ghata, which is a copper vessel with a large base and a small mouth. In Hinduism, it is regarded as an auspicious symbol.

It symbolises prosperity and a source of life. During pujas, devotees fill it with holy water and place a coconut on top. They decorate it with water-soaked mango leaves and betel vines. They also put coins, betel nuts, gems, gold, or grains in the vessel. This is mentioned in a few mythological stories.


  • A metal pot is a container for fertility. The Earth and the wombs are the life-giving sources. The ingredients we use in the kalsh each have their own significance. As an example,
  • The kama is represented by mango leaves. We are inducing the pleasure of fertility by using these.
  • Coconut represents wealth and power. Existence is represented by water.
  • Purna Kalash represents our Mother Earth. This kaalash is associated with five elements known as the Pancha Bhootas. The Akash is symbolized by coconut and mango leaves. Because the water is pure, it enchants. 
  • Frequencies associated with Sattivik. A devotee’s mind and body can be purified by using kalash in a puja.
  • It has the ability to revitalize the energy flow and assist us in absorbing the divine principle.