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indoor plants

Whether you have a small space or not, having plants in your home is essential to creating a welcoming environment. With so many plants in your home, it’s no wonder why they’re so important.

Here is a list of 10 Indoor Plants. These are the plants that take up minimal space and require little sun. They’re also great for growing into full-blown trees if you have a bit more room.

1.ZZ Plant.

ZZ plants are very low on water and require less than a lot of plants. They’ll thrive in bright, indirect light, and they can tolerate low light. So, in case you are the one who cannot water your plants on a regular basis then this one’s for you.

2.Rubber Plant.

Like most plants, the rubber plant requires bright indirect light. It should only be watered once the soil is dry. As a natural air cleaner, rubber plants are great for keeping the air fresh.

3.String of Pearls

This plant will quickly develop long strands of pearls if they are left in bright, indirect light for a long time. They’ll also benefit from keeping their soil moist.


This plant thrives in bright indirect sunlight, but it’s best to avoid watering too much. It needs a drench-and-dry approach to keep its soil dry.

5.Fiddle leaf Pig

This plant thrives in bright, indirect light. Water it when the top inch of the soil is dry. You can create a beautiful floral look with this plant.

6.Sweetheart Plant

This succulent which is also known as Hoya kerrii needs very little care. This little plant can be used as a single leaf-cut or a trailing plant. It has a heart-shaped shape and needs little care to thrive.


Known for its waxy, heart-shaped flowers with a prominent stamen in the center, this plant needs to be watered every one to two weeks and requires occasional fertilizing—so they’re not low-maintenance, but not high-maintenance, either. Its low growing habit and small size make it suitable for small spaces.

8.Bird of Paradise

This plant needs to grow in a bright and sunny spot and to grow well. This plant can also handle lower light levels. Based on the Bloomscape, you need to fertilize it often, preferably during the spring and summer, except that, it’s fairly simple and easy to handle. As long as you don’t overwater it this plant is easy to manage.

9.Snake Plant

This plant, also known as  Mother-in-Law’s Tongue needs indirect light along with light waterings. Watering has to be done only once after the soil has fully dried for its ideal growth. With this, you can create a great look and fill the empty place or an empty corner in your hall.


Begonia is a plant that is similar to the aloe and the kalanchoe plants. During watering, these plants need to be taken care of for their soil to be dried out completely between waterings. Begonia is a perfect choice for your office too, as it responds great to even the fluorescent light. 

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