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Hindus Half-Circumambulate a Shiva Lingam

Hindus Half-Circumambulate a Shiva Lingam

Generally, we entire a pradakshina or circumambulation around an idol in a temple, however, withinside the case of the Shiva lingam, we pass around the handiest 1/2 of the gap and now no longer entire the circle. The purpose for now no longer doing so is solely scientific. The motive of circumambulation is to acquire divine vibrations that glide out of the deity’s photo and input into our frame to advantage us as we pass around it. However, that is the authentic handiest of celebrated non secular locations wherein. Everyday pujas with the aid of enlightened souls and pundits are held according to the tenets laid down withinside the holy books. In such cases, the divine vibes glide out of idols frivolously. This phenomenon can not be claimed withinside the case of not unusual places or roadside temples wherein pujas are performed for the number one intention of earning profits and now no longer for non-secular gain. Also, in such temples, the idols aren’t ceremoniously set up with the aid of undertaking a right prana pratishtha ritual; therefore, those idols aren’t vibrant. 

Ordinarily, divine power flows out frivolously from the relic, however, withinside the case of the Shiva lingam, because of its shape, the power gushes out forcefully from the hole of the lady part, the yoni, of the idol. To thrust back the thrust of this power, the best manner to circumambulate a Shiva lingam is to head round from the left of the yoni and stroll as much as the proper of it after which go back to the left aspect without crossing the mouth of The purpose being that one’s genital region is prone to the channelized glide of the power emanating out of that a part of the photo. There are numerous kinds of vayus or winds in a human frame, of which Devadatta and Dhananjay are winds that might be associated with our reproductive system. The publicity of one’s genitalia to that pressure of power can damage the man or woman crossing the mouth of the yoni, in particular, of male devotees. 

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