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Dhanteras pooja

Dhanteras Mantras

Lord Ganesha

Om Gam Ganapataye Namah
OM Ekadantaya Viddhmahe, Vakratundaya Dheemahi. Tanno Danti Prachodayat

Lakshmi Mantra for wealth and prosperity

Om Sarvabaadhaa Vinirmukto, Dhan Dhaanyah Sutaanvitah

Manushyo Matprasaaden Bhavishyati Na Sanshayah Om

Lord Kubera Mantra

Om Yakshaya Kuberaya Vaishravanaya Dhanadhanyadhipataye

Dhanadhanyasamriddhim Me Dehi Dapaya Svaha

Dhanvantari Mantra

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Dhanvantraye

Amrita Kalasha Hastaya, Sarva Maya Vinashanaya

Trailoka Nathaya, Shri Mahavishnave Namah


Dhanteras commemorates the beginning of five day Diwali festival carnival. In India, one strongly believes, whoever buys on this day reaps rich benefits.

All of us know the word Dhanteras is paired with two words, where Dhan means wealth, and teras signifies the 13th day of the Krishna Paksha, of the lunar month Kartik.’ It is also the embodiment of Dhanvantari God of health. At the time of Samudra Manthan by Lord Vishnu for a pot of life-giving nectar, the God of health, Dhanwantari, was aroused. When we look at the picture of Dhanwantari, he is depicted holding this pot of life-giving nectar, which signifies good health and wealth in life.

Dhanteras falls on Sunday, October 23 this year. It is also called Dhantrayodashi, and is celebrated two days before Diwali and is an auspicious day to buy a property or give token money for a new house. One who cannot afford to buy the aforementioned aspects can go for gold, silver utensils, electronic appliances, etc..and bring prosperity to them.

Pooja vidhi

A pooja is performed in the evening. Flowers and prasad are offered to God. On this day, people make footprints of Goddess Lakshmi with vermilion, symbolizing the arrival of Lakshmi. Kalash is also placed on this day. They worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi, and Diya is lit. During the pooja, three forms of Goddess Lakshmi are worshipped: Goddess MahaLakshmi, Goddess Kaali, and Goddess Saraswati. Kuber and Ganesha are also worshiped alongside these Gods because they provide wealth, education, peace, and serenity.

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