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Cow Ghee

Cow Ghee​

Cow Ghee (Goghrita)

Ghee is clarified butter and it is used in the Indian subcontinent. It is mostly found in Indian kitchens, slowly replacing edible cooking oils. Ghee as a cooking oil is widely used in preparing food in India. Ghrita is a Sanskrit word for ghee. Churning the curd produces butter. The foaming substance obtained by churning is taken and simmered on a low flame until water evaporates and removes milk solids.

Ghee symbolises purity since it is free of milk solids. It is a staple component in Indian cooking, Ayurvedic medicine, and our social rituals. Grass-fed ghee and Grain fed ghee are two types found in cow’s ghee.

The benefits of cow ghee 

  • It is one of the treasured foods in Indian cooking, and Ayurveda has healing properties.
  • It is used as a nasal drop for clogged noses. In Ayurveda, there is a remedy for a clogged nose that is very effective in clearing the nose.
  • They call it the “Naysa treatment,” where they use warm cow ghee drops in the nostrils, which gives a lot of relief to those who suffer from clogged noses.
  • Cow ghee contains fatty acids which are a good source of energy. Ladoos made from cow ghee are given to nursing mothers. which are loaded with tons of energy.
  • Having a tough time with bowel movements in the morning.? Then cow ghee comes to your rescue. Your constipation problem is solved.
  • Ghee infuses life into dull skin. Pure ghee can do wonders on the skin, which has fatty acids that help in the hydration of the skin cells.
  • It is difficult to keep our bodies warm during the winter season. Ingesting ghee helps us to keep our bodies warm from within.
  • Ghee is also used in performing yagnas and in homes during rituals by Hindu families. It is considered to be auspicious by Hindus. The smoke emitted by cow dung and ghee will purify the environment.


Shudha Ghritam Pancha Pritam.

Cow ghee has therapy power. It cures virodhiyash, mat, and pita.

It has incredible medicinal benefits. Ghee is considered to be sacred and, at the same time, spiritual. It has physical benefits and is perpetually known to human beings. It is also in yagnas and homas, in every household as a mark of social rituals. It is a precious gift to humankind.


What are you waiting for? Take a tablespoon of ghee on an empty stomach, which is a major source of nutrition for every single cell in the body. In ancient times, ghee was stored in large vessels, which would be passed down from generation to generation, as we discussed earlier. Today’s lifestyle is leading to many diseases at a young age. So let’s go back to our roots and start preparing ghee at home to make our bodies free from diseases and build a strong immune system against attacking viruses. Try to respect our Indian traditions and our gomata and worship her.