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Carrom Rules

Carrom is a classic tabletop game that originated in India and is played by flicking discs with a striker to pocket them into corner pockets. It is a game that requires skill, precision, and strategic thinking. Here are the detailed rules to play Carrom:


  • Carromboard: A square board with pockets in the corners and a circular line at the center.
  • Carrommen: Small, round playing pieces, usually of two colors (white and black).
  • Striker: A larger disc-like piece used to flick the carrommen.

Objective: The objective of Carrom is to score points by pocketing your carrommen into any of the four corner pockets. The player or team that reaches a predetermined number of points first is declared the winner.


  1. Place the Carromboard on a flat surface.
  2. Arrange the carrommen in a specific pattern in the center of the board. The pattern is usually a circular arrangement with a central arrangement of the Queen and surrounding carrommen.
  3. Each player or team sits on opposite sides of the board, with their carrommen aligned in front of them.


  1. Players take turns to flick the striker to hit their carrommen and pocket them into the corner pockets.
  2. The player must place the striker within the baseline area and flick it with their finger to hit the carrommen.
  3. To start the game, players take turns to shoot the carrommen using the striker. A coin toss or other method can determine the starting player.
  4. Players must use the striker to hit their carrommen into the corner pockets, aiming to score points.
  5. Players are allowed to hit any carrommen, but they must pocket their carrommen before pocketing the opponent’s carrommen to score points.
  6. If the striker pockets any carromman, it is called a “foul.” The pocketed carromman is returned to the board, and the player loses their turn.
  7. If the striker is pocketed, it is called a “defunct” or “dead” striker, and the player loses their turn.
  8. The Queen is a special carromman that must be covered after pocketing it; otherwise, it is returned to the center.
  9. The game continues until a predetermined number of points are scored or until a set number of rounds are completed.


  • Pocketing one’s own carromman: 1 point
  • Pocketing the Queen: 3 points
  • Covering the Queen: Additional 3 points

Winning: The player or team that reaches the predetermined number of points first is declared the winner.


  • Players must flick the striker with their fingers; no other objects can be used to hit the striker.
  • The striker must be placed within the baseline area; it should not touch the circular line in the center.
  • Players should avoid hitting the carrommen too hard to prevent damage to the board and pieces.
  • Players must follow fair play and avoid any cheating or unsportsmanlike behavior.

Carrom is a fantastic game that brings people together for friendly competition and entertainment. It is a favorite pastime in many households and a beloved game in social gatherings. The game’s simplicity, combined with elements of skill and strategy, makes it enjoyable for players of all ages.