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In the olden days, cows were taken into the forest for grazing. They graze medicinal herbs, natural grass, and leaves. This results in healthy and delicious milk, since cows are grazed with organic matter from the forest. They followed the traditional method of churning the curd, which is left overnight. Churned butter is taken out, the rest is pure buttermilk. This churned buttermilk has an aroma and tastes more delicious than today’s buttermilk, where they are adding flavors to make it tasty.

The benefits of buttermilk

  1. Traditional buttermilk contains all of the essential macronutrients.
  2. This is a complete food item.
  3. The digestive track will be cooled by consuming it.
  4. Calcium is found in this milk.
  5. It is good for the heart as it reduces blood pressure and cholesterol.
  6. Reduces acidity.
  7. Constipation-related problems will be controlled.
  8. Especially in summers our body will be hydrated due to heat. But if you consume the buttermilk, it prevents dehydration.
  9. It boosts energy and keeps us more vigorous throughout the day.
  10. Drinking milk every day keeps our immune systems strong.
  11. Buttermilk is a blessing for the skin as it removes all toxins from the body, which results in removing tan, spots, acne, and blemishes. It moisturizes the skin, keeps the skin glowing, and delays the aging process.
  12. Rich in vitamins, recipes are also made from buttermilk.


We need to appreciate cows for giving us many healthier products. There is a quote that says nectar is for God and buttermilk is for human beings. This quote says it all about its importance to humankind. In every household, it plays a key role in its benefit to us. It cures all stomach ailments, clearing the skin and adding flavor to salads. It is a superfood full of nutrients, minerals , vitamins, and proteins.


It is one of the healthier dairy beverages. It is consumed in the summer to keep our bodies hydrated. It is used for healing ailments, cooking, skin care, and hair growth. It has an abundance of rich proteins, minerals, and vitamins.