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The Hindus consider Bilva to be one of the most revered trees in India. The leaves are very sacred to Lord Shiva and hence they are used in His Worship. The botanical name for Bilva is Aegle Marmelops. This tree bears fruits and people call it differently in the local regions.  like Beladda Hannu in Karnataka, Maredu in Telugu states, Bela in Orissa, and Vilvam in Tamil. and s.n. The fruit resembles a skull with a white bone-like outer shell and soft pulp inside. It is an edible fruit, consumed either in raw form or after drying. The leaves have a sweet fragrance and are trifoliate. ( having three leaflets).

Early in the morning, Mr. Rao goes jogging in a nearby park, accompanied by his grandson. When they were jogging, a leaf fell on the ground, which looked different from other leaves. Then his grandson takes the leaf from the ground and approaches his grandfather, who is a furlong away, and shows the leaf, which he holds in his hand. Seeing the leaf, Grandpa spontaneously replies to the grandson, “Bilva patra.” His eyes blushed. “Then, Grandpa takes his grandson to a nearby bench, sits down, and narrates the history of Bilva Patra, its significance, and its health benefits.

The bilva tree has been endowed with enormous medicinal uses:

  • Bael is tridoshic, which is beneficial to all doshas. ( Vata, Pitta, and Kapha)
  • It quenches thirst and keeps our body cool
  • As it is rich in minerals and antioxidants, it flushes toxins out of the blood and body.
  • It cleanses the intestines and supports regular bowel movements.
  • It supports immune functioning and fights against invaders.
  • Asthma can be controlled.
  • The extract from the leaves is useful for the treatment of jaundice.
  • It can treat bleeding gums.
  • Bel fruit pulp is used as a face mask to rejuvenate the skin.

The Significance of Vilvam:

It is a healing tree that cures all diseases caused by 3 elements and gives strength to the body. The trifoliate leaf is symbolic of Trikaal, also known as Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. The leaves are alternate, trifoliate, and aromatic. The flowers that bloom will have a sweet fragrance.


Grandpa concludes that this sacred tree has many medicinal uses and advantages in curing human ailments. It is our responsibility to save these ancient trees and plant more to save ourselves from all diseases and be healthy.

A few lines from Bilvashtak

tridalam trigunakaram trinetram cha tri yayudham |

trijanma papasamharam eka bilvam shivarpanam ॥ 1 ॥

trisakti bil apatraisca accidraih komalaih subhaih |

tavapujam karisyami eka bilvam shivarpanam…….