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Attar ( Ittar)

Ittar is also known by the names Attar and Itr. In order to perform pooja to God, it is one of the necessary items. Like jasmine, rose sandal, herbs, spices, or barks, we discovered a wide variety of flowers and herbs in nature. These flowers’ aroma inspired a thought that led to the creation of a natural perfume that can be used for both personal and spiritual purposes. We refer to it as a natural fragrance made from flowers, herbs, and barks in the modern era. It is a potent perfume that is primarily used in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa. They are used by both men and women and are alcohol-free. These ittar are commonly used by Muslims and Hindu priests as prasad and are sprinkled on devotees.

The Spiritual Benefits of Attar

Our brainwaves are affected by these attar oils, which have proven aromatherapy benefits as well as the ability to improve meditation and spiritual pursuits. They attract love, bliss, purity, and spiritual awakening. These exotic fragrances will last all day. These oils will improve meditation and spiritual pursuits by connecting us to ancient masters for all time.

Aromatherapy science confirms that using attar oils in meditation has profound effects on the mind and body, slowing the pulse rate and calming the nervous system. These oils are used by Hindu priests in prasadam and are sprinkled on devotees.

These oils uplift the positive vibrations that will make you happy, and the aroma unfolds and develops throughout the day.

When a student visits his master, he will bring attar oils with him so that he can greet his master with beautifully scented fragrances at the entrances.


Today, these attar oils assist us in preparing for our spiritual and meditation endeavors through the ritual of applying oil to our bodies as we began to concentrate. on it This oil prevents our minds from wandering. When applied to the third eye, people experience a stronger connection with the Divine. For thousands of years, these oils have been used to focus the mind, promote relaxation, and envision spiritual connection.


Some scientific studies confirm the ancient belief and support its practice, revealing that burning herbs, incense sticks, and sprinkling attar oils will cleanse the air of bacteria that is charged with negativity, refreshing and renewing our environment as well as our bodies. Being immersed in a fragrant environment allows us to focus on a positive mood, avoid distractions, and strengthen our spiritual connection with the divine.

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