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Astronomy is a natural science that deals with anything that we see in the sky. It exists side-by-side with physics, chemistry, geology, etc. It is a very difficult science compared to other sciences of learning because it is not very easy to draw conclusions. You need to draw and combine observations with an understanding of other sciences.

Astronomy began with the observations of our surroundings. The sun, moon, planets, and stars all move independently. Astronomy began in the ancient kingdom of Sumer, Babylon.

Astronomy, along with astrology, predicts the future. We can see the written records of astronomical events and occurrences by the Chinese, Egyptians, and Babylonians. Today, a wide variety of instruments can be seen on the market to observe heavenly bodies.

In 1609, Galileo recorded observations of the sky with the help of a telescope. Earlier cultures identified some of the celestial objects as gods and spirits. The calendars of the world today have been prepared by the observations of the sun and the moon, which are important for agriculture right from seeding to harvesting.

Benefits of learning astronomy

Astronomy gives knowledge about the outside universe. Weather, atmospheric science, and satellite technology from astronomy help with supply logistics and farming. The charged coupled devices are a boom to all who are taking photos with digital cameras. They were first used in astronomy.

All cancer patients should thank astronomy because astronomy pioneered the use of radio and longer wavelength radiation. which is used in treating cancer patients.


It is an important science that helps us to realise the iniquity of the universe and all that exists within it. Astronomy improve people’s day lives and it is a gateway to other sciences


Our attempts to understand the universe are not complete. New ideas and technologies allow us to gather more data about the cosmos. If you want to explore the universe, and want to gain knowledge on the big bang theory then I suggest taking it as a career and can view all the wonders happening in the universe , instead of spending more hours on Facebook.