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Antakshari Rules

Antakshari is a popular Indian musical game that is played with two or more teams or individuals. It is usually played during gatherings, parties, or long journeys to keep the participants entertained. The game involves singing or reciting songs based on specific criteria and taking turns. Here are the rules to play Antakshari:


  1. Form two or more teams, depending on the number of participants. Each team should have an equal number of players.
  2. Decide on the order of the teams or players who will take turns to sing.

Objective: The objective of Antakshari is to continue the singing or reciting of songs in a specific sequence without hesitating or repeating a song.


  1. The game starts with one team or player singing a song based on a predetermined letter (e.g., ‘A’) or a specific theme or category (e.g., Bollywood songs, romantic songs, etc.).
  2. The song can be sung for a specific duration or until the singer reaches the first mukhda (the starting lines) of the song. If the song is sung well, the team or player gets a point.
  3. The next team or player must sing a song that starts with the last letter of the previous song. For example, if the first song ends with ‘A,’ the next song must start with ‘A.’
  4. Each team or player has a limited time to come up with a song (e.g., 30 seconds or a minute) to keep the game moving.
  5. If a team or player cannot come up with a song within the time limit, repeats a song that has already been sung, or sings a song with the wrong starting letter or theme, they are out for that round.
  6. The game continues with the remaining teams or players, and the rounds go on until there is a clear winner or until a predetermined number of rounds are played.


  • The songs must be from any language or genre, depending on the players’ preferences and the agreed-upon rules.
  • Players cannot use the same song that has already been sung by another team in the same round.
  • No song should be repeated within the same round.
  • The judges or other participants may verify the authenticity of the songs and their starting letters.
  • The game is meant to be fun and light-hearted, and participants should enjoy the singing and creativity.

Antakshari is a delightful game that brings people together through music. It encourages participants to showcase their knowledge of songs, lyrics, and melodies while engaging in friendly competition. It’s a great way to have fun, enjoy music, and create lasting memories during social gatherings or events.