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Anandmurti Gurumaa

Anandmurti Gurumaa

Anandmurti Gurumaa is one such self-realised master United Nations agency has woken up to the very best reality and strives unwittingly to kindle the fireplace for knowing the reality that lies dormant in each individual. Permanent during a picturesque ashram in a northern Asian nation, the benevolent master opens her treasure trove of highest knowledge to all or any seekers and aspirants. Additionally, the kind-hearted presenter travels across the world to succeed in dead set people that square measure unable to return to the ashram. extremely accomplished in scriptural information laced together with her own personal expertise of truth, individuals come back from everywhere the planet to be told associate degree evolved means of living. Being extremely adept in English, Hindi and a few regional dialects, language isn’t a barrier for the master to urge her information to all or any individuals. ‘Be the sunshine you look for, be the walking on air you look for, be the reality you look for, be the United Nations agency you actually are’. this is often the core of her teachings.


Meditation Retreats

Meditation retreats square measure a 5-day residential program for adults and square measure unionised throughout the year. receptive everybody, individuals come back from everywhere Asian nations and abroad. Participants get to concentrate to measure discourses from the master on specific subjects or themes (like the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, teachings of some saints, analysis of the mind etc). Moreover, the master conducts a sensible session wherever participants square measure radio-controlled through a selected meditation technique. Music is an associate degree integral element of the meditation techniques and discourses. Being an extremely accomplished writer, musician and singer; the master effortlessly creates soothing and soul stirring musical compositions that not solely touches the center evoking pious sentiments within the auditor however additionally aids the professional person enter a reflective zone simply. In addition, one gets to practise yoga-asanas and pranayama. The master additionally answers any relevant queries that the seekers might have. Participants square measure suggested looking at silence in their free time as that enhances the depth of religious expertise. Formal registration is crucial for these retreats.


Whenever a Master is within the ashram, darshan sessions square measure control each Sunday morning at ten am hospitable one and every one. No doubt this is often the foremost frequent however expected activity at the ashram. The master speaks on bound topics and additionally answers pertinent queries. To be within the presence of the revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa, is to experience the grace associated with degreed compassion of an enlightened being. Her fluent discourses dispel clouds of darkness, by means of responsive common queries on daily human suffering and giving personal steering to those in quest of their own true Self. Once the master is within the ashram, everybody appears forward to the weekend, for Sunday is the darshan day. This is often the time once the master meets aspirants United Nations agency come back from so much and wide to soak within the divine atmosphere.

Youth Retreats

Once a year, the revered master conducts a 5 day residential retreat for children between fourteen and twenty four years, a beautiful chance to be with the master and imbibe ancient knowledge during an up to date vogue they will instantly relate to. Their square measures a lot of activities, a lot of fun and a lot of laughter! With the dynamic yoga asanas, calming pranayama, cathartic meditation, heart-stirring bhajan-kirtan, and fun workshops – the children square measure unbroken on their toes throughout! various workshops like theatre, cookery, dance, music, photography, painting, astrology, career message, candle creating, internet development and communication skills and therefore the massively in style homemade (DIY) workshop offer the children an opportunity to challenge themselves and develop their skills and ingenuity. cluster discussions permit them to share their viewpoint and voice their feelings. And self-protection sessions like Tae-kwon-do and Chou square measure nice to hone their reflexes, increase strength and stamina and generate confidence and focus. The retreat provides children a chance to directly act with the master. It’s the time when adults would like they were young once more.

Silent Retreat:

Have you ever thought of taking an opening from all the excitement and commotion around you however found yourself helpless at what to do? Our silent retreat program is precisely the medical care you wish. though it’s one among the simplest tools for a personal United Nations agency has initiated on the trail of find, notwithstanding this Retreat advantages one and every one. Even people who have recently initiated on the trail of yoga associate degreed dhyana can realise this program to be an ascent and surprising experience. it’s a journey that begins with self-enquiry; and therefore the solitude brings you to face your own underlying emotions- those that you just were utterly oblivious to. This program wants a spirit of courageousness and keen observance to encounter the turbulence of mind therefore descending into the depths of silence. This is often the prime reason that before enrolling for the silent retreat the proper preparation beneath the steering of the master may be a should. Crucially the aim of this application is to quieten the constant chatter of the mind and if that doesn’t stop then apprehend that you just haven’t however far-famed what infallible peace tastes like. What is best is that you just will value more highly to inscribe yourself anytime counting on your work schedules as this program is intended for people instead of teams, though the ultimate call lies at the discretion of the ashram.

Open for all Discourses

satsangs/discourses square measure persevered many non secular and gay occasions. These sessions square measure receptive to everybody with no want for previous registration. These squares are very fashionable with the lots as they get live darshan of the master, hear words of sensible knowledge and additionally get an opportunity to let their hair down, forget their troubles for a minute and dance in swarming gaiety.

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