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Eco-friendly Ganesha

Ganesh Chaturthi has a lot of prominence in India. People from all states of India will celebrate it with utmost joy and happiness. The Celebrations Start with a Ganesh pooja and different communities host the celebration events while performing varied kinds of art forms in front of Lord Ganesha’s Idol.

As in process of purchasing an Idol, people tend to prefer the idols made with Plaster of Paris, which will create huge harm to the health and the environment.

The idols made using Plaster of Paris are attractive, cheaper, and easy to make but they do not degrade easily and cause pollution to the environment and also affect health at a wide stretch, whereas purchasing eco-friendly idols can set a good condition for the environment and your health.

Consider buying the idols that are eco-friendly and are made using lumps of clay, natural fibers, paper, mud, and biodegradable materials. The idols made using natural materials and biodegradable materials immerse into the environment and degrade faster by not causing any harm to the ecosystem.

So in this article, we will be helping you understand why to opt for purchasing an eco-friendly Ganesha for this Ganesh Chaturthi. Here are few important reasons to be noted for you to purchase an eco-friendly Ganesha.

Benefits of purchasing Eco-Friendly Ganesha:

1. Can avoid water pollution and save natural resources/habitats
    The idols made up of plaster of Paris do not degrade easily into the environment, hence they pollute water and that water will be consumed by animals and nearby houses. The polluted water has a huge amount of acid content in it and that will affect the natural life in water. Not only the animals but if we human beings drink that polluted water we will be diagnosed with multiple infections, lung diseases, and skin allergies, swollen eyes, etc. The idols made up of POP contain the metal quantity and when immersed in water that will affect the fish habitat causing a huge. 

Why ecofriendly and how it benefits
The easiest part of opting for having an eco-friendly Ganesh is that you can make it yourself. There are tons of videos available online and we at mulam also help you in providing a guide on how to create your eco-friendly Ganesha at home. You can sit with your family, friends, children in your area, and can make your Ganesha using clay, mud, paper, turmeric, etc.



As we say, “A change has to be started with us.”
Having eco-friendly products helps you create a change in the atmosphere and also creates an impact on the environment. There will be a chain of people who will be inspired by you and who will opt for buying/using eco-friendly products after you.

Mulam and eco-friendly Ganesha for this Ganesh Chaturthi
We at Mulam contribute all the organic products to our community. We strongly encourage and support your hand in creating a change. We intake orders for organic products, foods, and many more. You can contact us for purchasing the Best Eco-friendly Ganesh for this Ganesh Chaturthi.