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Vamana guntalu

Vamana guntalu

Hello granny. I’m feeling bored with playing these games on mobile. Are there any interesting games that give us recreation and moral values which can be applied in our real lives? Other day, you were discussing two ancient games played by kings and queens of respective kingdoms in their palaces during their leisure time.

Vamana guntalu​

Ha, Ayaan. “Would you like to listen and play Vamana guntallu Yes, of course, granny. Come and sit beside me, I will show you.

Ayaan, this is called Vamanguntallu. There are various names for this game. In Tamil Nadu, it is Pallanghuzi, Alagille Mane in Kannada, Vamana Guntalu, or couples’ game in Telugu. and so on…

The game is played with a wooden board that has 14 pits in all., which we called as “guntalu”. There have been several deviations in the layout of the pits, one among them being seven pits on each player’s side. For counters, we use cowry shells or pebbles. Ayaan comes and squats on the other side. Granny, I’m excited to play. Let’s start. First, distribute shells overall in pits…Granny, what are the rules for this game?

Rules of the game:

  • You need to sow seeds or shells in pits according to variations.
  • After sowing seeds, /shells, you need to take all seeds/shells from one of pits on your side and drop one seed/shell in each., if you have enough seeds/shells
  • 12 counters are placed in each cup except the middle of each row into which only 2 counters are placed. The starting. in each hole.
  • He catches up with the end of his cups he goes on his opponent’s side of the board.     When the player plunges, his last counter, he takes the counter from the next cup and    continues placing them in this way. If the last counter falls into a cup with an empty cup   beyond, the counters in the cup beyond the empty hole are captured by the player and put into his store. That player then continues to play from the next cup containing counters.
  •  The last counter falls into a cup with two empty holes beyond, he captures no counters and his turn is over. The next player continues to play in the same way, taking counters from any of his cups and going around placing counters in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • The round is over once when np counter remains
  • The winner will have a plethora (which is a reserved fund) of counters which are kept in his store. The loser of the first round will be unable to fill all of his holes.
  • These are the rules to be followed and observed when we play this game.
  • Granny, though it is a board game, it is also a fun game filled with strategy and logical thinking. It also strengthens our memory and problem-solving skills.
  • Yes, you are correct, and be played by children, and old and it is called a couple’s game for newlywed couples. 
  • Thank you, Granny, for teaching a game that is filled with fun and enhances our memory skills.